Capital One Internship Programmes 2020

The Capital One (or known as “Capital One” in this article) was built by Richard D. Fairbank in 1988 based on the beliefs that synergies of technology and people will bring out financial services that can truly serve its customers. Such beliefs led Capital One to offer broad variations of financial products and services that satisfy individuals, small businesses, and company-based customers all over the world, including in South Africa.

This McLean, Virginia-based company has also been one of the Top 10 largest banks based on the deposit amounts as well as one of the largest customer franchises with U.S.’ most recognisable banking brands. These of Capital One’s achievements makes it proficient to deal with its huge number of programmes, including the internship programme as described further in this article.

Capital One’s Internship Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Capital One’s internship programme’s schemes come in annual summit forms that are done in one-week. These Capital One’s annual summits target bright students to let them know all about Capital One’s business operation as well as let them be parts of Capital One’s intern forces who participate in solving technology-related problems as well as network with Capital One’s personnel. Capital One’s internship programme’s schemes are known as the “Summit for Developing Leaders” and “Software Engineering Summit”.

The “Summit for Developing Leaders” is aimed at exceptional freshmen and sophomores who are ready to work and learn in Capital One’s innovative and startup-minded work environment to solve challenging case studies and present their findings in front of Capital One’s executive boards. On the other hand, interns in the highly-selective “Software Engineering Summit” will explore and develop solutions in iOS, Android, Voice Driven Applications, AWS, M.E.A.N. Stack, Hardware, Front End Design and much more.

Capital One’s interns, regardless of the internship schemes that they choose, will be covered for their accommodation and travel costs while doing their internship programmes in Capital One. They will also get accesses to leadership development opportunities and awesome fun events that will enable them to develop lasting relationships with Capital One’s employees, interns from top universities, and talented professionals such as engineers.

Intern candidates who want to apply for either one of Capital One’s above-mentioned internship scheme should satisfy these following criteria:

  • Possess at least 3 (for the “Software Engineering Summit”) or 3.25 GPA (for the “Summit for Developing Leaders”) in Quantitative majors, such as Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Information Systems, and much more other relevant disciplines.
  • Have acute interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills, which are evident in academics, community services, and extracurricular activities’ participation.
  • Able to operate Excel and PowerPoint software at ease (for the “Summit for Developing Leaders”).
  • Have strong coding and conceptual skills, quantitative problem-solving abilities, and analytical mind (for the “Software Engineering Summit”).

How to Apply for Capital One’s Internship Programme
Applicants who want to apply for either one of Capital One’s two internship schemes can click on their desired internship programme and follow the online application instructions from there on.

Opening and Closing Dates for Capital One’s Internship Programme In 2020
Capital One’s internship programme is open year-round, including in 2020. Visit Capital One’s internship opportunity webpage for more information on its internship programme’s opening and closing deadlines in 2020.

Capital One’s Internship Programme-Related Contact Details
If applicants have more questions regarding on Capital One’s internship programme, they should ask through these following hotline number and e-mail address:

XXXXX Contact Details
Street Address:

Mail Address:

Phone: xxxxx
Facsimile: xxxxx
E-mail: xxxxx
Homepage: xxxxx

Reference: Capital One; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: xxxxx.

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