Coronation Internship Programmes 2020

In terms of its management structure, Coronation is known as the largest investment-based company in South Africa with the most successful institutional and retail-based asset managers who classify, compute, analyse and deliver top-notch various asset classes for its large banks of customers. Coronation’s customers range between banks, medical schemes, pension and provident funds, unit trusts, insurers, other fund managers, and even family offices worldwide, which demands range between the equity and multi-asset portfolios.

Coronation doesn’t only succeed in maintaining those of their customers’ investment-based product demands. In fact, Coronation also plays pivotal parts in enhancing South African’s economic and society-based activities by being a B-BBEE company that cooperates with other B-BBEE companies, such as Imvula Trust (or “Imvula”). Imvula itself is a fully black African-staffed company, which was established in April 2005 and acquired 10% of Coronation’s businesses since February 28, 2013.

Coronation’s Teacher Development Internship Programme’s Schemes
Based on the South African’s Centre for Development and Enterprise’s statistic computations, there is approximately only a one-third fulfillment of the entire 25,000 required teacher forces in South African’s most scarce subjects, which are Maths and Science. Furthermore, nearly 80% of teachers in South Africa are not only failing in satisfying the curriculum standards but also very often get deployed to subjects that are actually not scarce or not urgently needed by South Africa, especially Grade 6 teachers.

Such backgrounds become Coronation’s backup reasons for initiating the Teacher Development internship programme, which is also referred to as “The LEAP Science and Maths Schools’ Future Leaders Programme”. Not only that this internship programme provides full tuition fee payment for the Bachelor of Education in Unisa programme and mentoring sessions, but interns who become parts of this Coronation’s Teacher Development internship programme will also get to participate in practical classroom training with other 47 students and 15 teaching staffs.

Upon their graduation from this Coronation’s Teacher Development internship programme, those interns will be able to develop their own unique teacher development models. These one-of-a-kind models will ultimately contribute to South African’s severe shortage of qualified teachers, thus making these interns become catalysts for South African’s education reformation.

How to Apply for Coronation’s Teacher Development Internship Programme
Applicants who wish to apply for Coronation’s Teacher Development internship programme should visit its official website and register their account from there on since the application for the Teacher Development internship programme in Coronation is done entirely by online.

Opening and Closing Dates for Coronation’s Teacher Development Internship Programme In 2020
The Teacher Development internship programme in Coronation is open annually, with different opening and closing dates per year. Visit Coronation’s official portal for more information on the Teacher Development internship programme’s opening and closing deadlines in 2020.

Coronation’s Teacher Development Internship Programme-Related Contact Details
Contact these following numbers and e-mail address if there are any questions regarding on Coronation’s Teacher Development internship programme:

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