ABB Internship Programmes 2020

ABB’s 2020 Internship Programme for Current Students in Bachelor of Engineering or Business Degree Programmes
Since 1926, ABB has begun developing its presences as African’s (and ultimately, the world’s) leading company in terms of power, electricity, and automation engineering. ABB’s efforts in increasing industrial, commercial, and utility operations’ productiveness has resulted in its strengthened business presences all over African region, including South Africa.

ABB’s Head Office in South Africa is located on Longmeadow, Johannesburg. This Head Office also becomes ABB South Africa’s logistics and manufacturing centre that does several projects, such as creating medium voltage switchgear, building robotic programming tools, and handling several automated industrial tools-related service matters. Other than its Longmeadow Head Office, ABB is also present in Alrode, one of its machinery-based factory industry, and other engineering offices such as those in Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia or Zimbabwe.

ABB’s Internship Programme’s Schemes
As a whole, ABB’s internship programme’s main goal is to address South African’s skillful people’s shortages. As a result, ABB’s interns, as parts of ABB’s internship programme scheme, work together in answering various environmental and technological-related challenges that ABB and similar industries face.

Having had those being said, this internship programme combines on theoretical and practical training sessions in fields that are related to power and automation systems for its entire interns in one of its business units, training centres, workshops, or Head Office.

In around 2 months of their internship programmes at ABB, interns will understand all about the importance of having business ethics, Occupational Health and Safety, and code of conducts as parts of their theoretical training in ABB’s internship programme. In addition, they will also get on-the-job training, joint-site visits, and learn to listen to ABB’s various customers’ concerns as both parts of their practical training sessions and means to expose themselves in dynamic and fast-paced work environments.

ABB’s experienced supervisors and specialists will also be there to mentor and support interns’ personal and professional growth. In the end, ABB’s interns who perform marvelously will get chances to be interviewed and hired for permanent job roles in ABB.

These following disciplines are usually available as parts of ABB’s different internship programme’s schemes:

  • Drives and controls – algorithms, control implementations
  • Power systems – analysis, modeling, simulation, protection and control
  • Power electronics – devices, topologies, modeling, and simulations
  • Electrical and Mechanical design
  • Information Technology
  • Automation and control engineering
  • and much more (refer to the “Areas of Application” area located on ABB’s main internship portal‘s drop-down menu for more field of internships in ABB)

ABB’s Internship Programme’s Requirements
Interested applicants who are about to apply for ABB’s internship programme should satisfy these below-mentioned criteria:

  • Be Bachelor of Engineering or Business students (Special Note: Third-year students in these degree programmes will be given first priority)
  • Be enthusiastic, open-minded, and innovative people who dare to answer ABB’s fundamental questions on technologies and environments.
  • Be able to commit for a minimum duration of 2 months.

In addition to satisfying those aforementioned criteria, interested applicants will also have to support their internship application with these following documents:

  • CV.
  • A copy of the most recent academic transcript.
  • A copy of the individual’s ID card.

How to Apply for ABB’s Internship Programme
To apply for ABB’s internship programme, applicants can submit their complete ABB’s internship application packages to [email protected] with “Summer Internship Programme” (without ” “) and the internship positions they prefer in their e-mail’s subject lines. After e-mailing their application packages, ABB’s Talent Acquisition Team will invite shortlisted applicants to attend a series of interview sessions before they can be ABB’s interns.

Opening and Closing Deadlines for ABB’s 2020 Internship Programme
ABB’s internship programme is open year-round. Visit ABB’s main search portal for more information on ABB’s internship programme’s opening and closing deadlines in 2020.

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