Anglo American Thermal Coal Internship Programmes 2020

Anglo American Thermal Coal’s BLAST Graduate Internship Programme In 2020
In South Africa, Anglo American Thermal Coal becomes one of South African’s main high-quality thermal coal producers that meet its diverse customers’ needs in generating electricities. Additionally, this company with geographically diverse metallurgical and thermal coal products also export their resources to the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Asia-Pacific regions of the world through the Richards Bay Coal Terminal.

Furthermore, Anglo American Thermal Coal also owns several coal mining companies and bases, such as the South African BEE company named Inyosi Coal, in which Anglo American Thermal Coal owns 73% of its shares. Anglo American Thermal Coal’s strategic mining locations around rail and port facilities also benefit its diverse customers in Australia, Indian sub-continent, Europe, and South America as well as South Africa and Columbia as its two main countries’ operations.

Anglo American Thermal Coal’s Internship Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Anglo American Thermal Coal has a flagship internship programme for the brightest University graduates named BLAST Graduate Programme. “BLAST” itself is an acronym for “Building Leaders and Shaping Talent”, as BLASTers or BLAST intern graduates’ profile states them to be parts of Anglo American Thermal Coal’s Emerging Talent populations.

During their internship periods at Anglo American Thermal Coal’s Corporate Office in Johannesburg, BLASTers will get exposures of real-world work experiences in three different roles all around Anglo American Thermal Coal’s two operating continents. The long internship duration of more than 4 years will ensure the best graduates to develop their skills, knowledge, and experiences as they embark their unique internship journey as Anglo American Thermal Coal’s BLASTers.

Since this internship programme scheme belongs in the flagship scheme, Anglo American Thermal Coal carefully select its candidates and place them in their most favorable intern positions. In addition, those who want to apply for Anglo American Thermal Coal’s BLAST Graduate Programme should satisfy these following criteria:

  • Have tracks of excellent academic results in their 4-year Undergraduate or Postgraduate degrees that are relevant to Anglo American Thermal Coal’s business industry, such as Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Business Sciences, or Finance.
  • Able to demonstrate strong leadership characteristics through active contributions in campus and community lives as well as drive, ambition, and passion to surmount new and novel challenges.

How to Apply for Anglo American Thermal Coal’s Internship Programme
Anglo American Thermal Coal’s internship programme application can be done online by visiting its official website.

Opening and Closing Dates of Anglo American Thermal Coal’s Internship Programmes In 2020
Anglo American Thermal Coal’s internship programme is open year-round, including in 2020. Visit Anglo American’s official search portal for more information about its 2020’s internship programme’s opening and closing deadlines.

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