British American Tobacco Internship Programmes 2020

British American Tobacco’s Three Different Internship Programme Schemes In 2020 With Knacks For Competitiveness and Inovativeness
Being a multinational company that was once created in relations to the United Tobacco Company in 1904, the British American Tobacco plc (or referred to as “British American Tobacco” in this article)’s presence in South Africa has been the oldest ones. Its long history is further proven by its status as tobacco market leaders in more than 50 countries, with operational ports in approximately 180 countries, including South Africa itself.

In addition, British American Tobacco also becomes the world’s largest publicly-traded tobacco company shares, with its primary listing in the LSE as one of FTSE 100 Indexed-companies there. British American Tobacco also becomes a JSE- and Nairobi Securities Exchange-listed company, making it one of the most financially proficient company to work as interns.

British American Tobacco’s Internship Programme Schemes
British American Tobacco’s internship programme schemes are driven by its reputation as one of South African’s leading tobacco companies that have distinct sets of characteristics compared to other similar tobacco industries or companies.

To further address these presences, British American Tobacco aims to recruit and develop ambitious, innovative, collaborative, adaptable, and courageous graduates who are ready to deliver fresh business ideas to British American Tobacco and make positive differences as tomorrow’s business leaders.

Those graduates with the aforementioned attributes will receive highly competitive performance-based rewards from British American Tobacco when they enter as British American Tobacco’s interns. Training and professional development opportunities are also available for them while they embark on their 1-year Global Graduate Programme by British American Tobacco, which will help them to internationalise their career.

Two of British American Tobacco’s Global Graduate internship programme schemes are the Global Graduate Programme in Marketing and the Global Graduate Programme in Operations. There is also one regular Internship Programme scheme that applicants can choose. More information on British American Tobacco’s internship programme’s schemes and other requirements can be found in British American Tobacco’s official Global Internship portal.

How to Apply for British American Tobacco’s Internship Programme
Applicants can register their accounts through British American Tobacco’s official website. That way, they can have opportunities to subscribe to British American Tobacco’s most updated internship needs as well as to complete and to upload their internship-related data and documents.

Opening and Closing Dates for British American Tobacco’s Internship Programme In 2020
British American Tobacco’s internship programme is open year-round, including in 2020. Visit British American Tobacco’s official search portal for more information on its internship programme’s opening and closing deadlines in 2020.

British American Tobacco’s Internship Programme-Related Contact Details
Call British American Tobacco’s Cape Town Head Office on +27 21 003 6500 in cases of further questions regarding on its internship programme.

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