ISASA Internship Programmes 2020

Oldest Private School-Based Internship Programmes For Teachers In ISASA For The Year Of 2020
If there is one thing that defines ISASA’s operations, then “the school” is the closest one. Actually, ISASA itself is one of South African’s oldest and largest non-profit organisations, which encompasses more than 760 private schools as its associate members. Those school members are volunteers which interests in socio-economic and cultural communities, religious affiliations, and other educational levels are protected and supported as they promote best practices through their ISASA memberships.

Until now, ISASA’s school members have educated more than 168,000 students. This vast number of student means there will be various types of challenges and innovation awaits those who want to be ISASA’s teacher interns.

ISASA’s Internship Programme’s Schemes and The Overviews of Its Requirements
Before ISASA’s main internship scheme was renamed as “The South African Mathematics and Science Teacher Intern Programme (SAMSTIP)” as known recently, its name was the M&E Programme. ISASA’s SAMSTIP is actually aimed at school-leavers, graduates, and mid-career professionals who want to contribute to South Africa’s shortage of qualified Mathematics and Science teachers.

In this SAMSTIP Internship Programme schemes, potential interns can choose either one of the 4-year programme stream or the faster, 2-year programme stream. The 4-year stream leads to an Education-based degree, while the 2-year stream leads to a professional teaching qualification after interns graduate from this SAMSTIP scheme.

Regardless of the programme’s durations, ISASA provides an alternative, robust Mathematics and Science training model in its more than 10-year old SAMSTIP programme. This internship model is evident through SAMSTIP’s packages of school-based training, mentoring, and University degree completion in ISASA’s partnering schools, all of which energizes intern teachers to do more as they work as ISASA’s SAMSTIP’s interns.

Other than SAMSTIP, ISASA also has Junior Primary Teacher Internship, Academic Internship: Music Grades 8-12, and Trainee Teacher (High School), all of which aim for those who are ready to be teachers at any level that ISASA needs. Visit ISASA’s main internship portal to know more about ISASA’s diverse sets of internship schemes for teachers.

How to Apply for ISASA’s Internship Programme
Interested applicants can visit ISASA’s main internship portal to search for their most suitable internship programme scheme. After being redirected to a new page, applicants can e-mail their CV and the entire additional documents to each of the assigned internship scheme’s e-mail address.

ISASA’s Internship Programme’s Closing Deadlines In 2020
ISASA’s internship programmes are usually closed in around mid-November each year, including in 2020. Visit ISASA’s main internship page for more information about its internship programme’s closing deadlines in 2020.

ISASA’s Internship Programme-Related Contact Details
Contact these below-mentioned numbers and e-mail address if there are any questions about internship programmes in ISASA:

  • Telephone Number: +27 11 648 1331
  • Fax Number: +27 11 648 1467
  • E-Mail Address: [email protected]

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