Coca-Cola Internship Programmes 2020

Coca-Cola’s Internship Programme Opportunities on 2020 for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students and Fresh Graduates who are Interested in Working with Multinational Companies
Since its inception in the 18th century, Coca-Cola has become the world’s number one greatest beverage manufacturing company, with a total net beverage production of more than 3,900 different brand choices and 500 sparkling beverages all over the world.

Until now, Coca-Cola has maintained 21 billion-dollar brands in total, in which 19 of them are available in extremely low amounts of calories. These achievements lead Coca-Cola to expand their markets to over 200 countries. Today, Coca-Cola opens opportunities for highly-skilled Undergraduate and Postgraduate students and fresh graduates to join Coca-Cola as a part of its intern forces through its internship programme.

Coca Cola’s Internship Programme’s Schemes
As one of the largest-sized multinational companies, Coca-Cola interns will benefit from having real-world working experiences along with the world’s brightest professional supports given throughout the internship programme.

Until now, Coca-Cola has provided internship opportunities for fresh Undergraduates, Postgraduates, and MBA graduates to enhance their practical working experiences while working through their career aspiration’s ladders to full-time jobs. In the end, successful interns will be able to build rewarding work experiences, advance their career’s prospects, develop their knowledge and cultural base, and be capable of networking with professionals inside and outside the Coca-Cola company.

As a part of its internship programme’s schemes, Coca-Cola collaborates with top tertiary institutions’ programme students to persuade distinctive talents to choose between one of these below-mentioned internship programme schemes:

  • Strategic Interns: An internship programme scheme to offer working opportunities for recent college students once they have graduated.
  • Seasonal Interns: Coca-Cola’s MBA internship programme that is usually held in Summer for MBA or college students who require a more complex training with adequate amounts of teamworking projects.
  • Academic Interns: Give academic credit for the assigned college students upon completion of the internship programme.
  • Co-Op: A temporary internship programme for students that usually ranges between 4-5 months during the academic year.
  • Summer Jobs at The World of Coca-Cola: Three months, starting at mid-June, working at the Coca-Cola company for Undergraduate students to feel what is it like to work according to Coca-Cola’s deeply-held values and engage with Coca-Cola’s diverse consumers all over the world.

How to Apply for Coca-Cola’s Internship Programme
Click on the “Submit Resume/CV” text located on below of Coca-Cola’s main internship portal to create internship profile and upload CV along with all required documents. Applicants should ensure that their entire internship application has been completed in order to proceed to the next stages. Finally, they should click on the “Submit” button after they reach the end of the page to have their profiles recorded by the Coca-Cola’s online hiring system.

The Opening and Closing Dates on 2020 for Coca-Cola’s Internship Programme
Coca-Cola opens up new internship programme opportunities every year, including on 2020. At the same time, it is important for applicants to view on Coca Cola’s main portal for more information regarding on Coca-Cola’s opening and closing dates on 2020.

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