Amazon Internship Programmes 2020

Amazon Internship Opportunities on 2020 for All Software Engineering and Computing Graduates
Amazon is a multinational company with several centre spread in every part of the world, including Amazon Development Centre in the Cape Town, South Africa. This Development Centre has been the pioneer of the renowned Amazon EC2 since 2005. Additionally, it also plays a pivotal role in developing and executing Amazon Web Services (AWS) as Amazon EC2’s core technology products.

Those aforementioned Development Centre’s EC2 and AWS are centred towards providing cloud computing accesses, configuring the user interface’s capacities, and providing IT-based supports to its end users. Knowing these important needs in advancing Amazon’s technologies, Amazon put on efforts in hiring highly talented people to be a part of Amazon’s Cape Town’s Development Centre, including interns on software engineering, system engineering, technical managing, and much more departments available on Amazon.

Amazon’s Internship Programme’s Schemes
Amazon’s renowned reputation in delivering creative and innovative working environment is evident through its internship programme schemes. There are two different schemes that Amazon offers for prospective interns.

The first one is the Graduate Position located all around South Africa for qualified forward-thinking students who are about to graduate 6-12 months from applying or already graduated over the last 1 year. This Graduate Position aims to enhance fresh graduates’ capabilities in engineering software through providing world-class working opportunities and software engineer professionals as well as giving out supportive mentoring sessions by Amazon itself.

In the end, Amazon interns who take this Graduate Position scheme will benefit in their increased technical skills and knowledge about software engineering. More specifically, these successful interns will also be able to build world-class websites and systems to support Amazon’s growth through its intensive “on-the-job learning” process since the first intern’s days.

The second one is the regular internship scheme for anyone who is keen to develop professionally while learning all about Amazon’s work cultures at the same time. As this scheme is aiming for fast-track professional development, this scheme puts emphasis on its skill development training. Interns in this Amazon’s internship scheme will also benefit from continual supports on its mentorship programme in delivering important presentations while working on multiple projects at once. Interns will be able to execute long-term strategies upon graduating from this scheme as well as increasing their innovation abilities.

Amazon’s Graduate Internship Programme’s Requirements
Compared to the latter regular internship programme scheme, Amazon’s graduate internship is the more special one since it has a specific set of requirements to be satisfied as mentioned below:

  • Study or graduate from Computer Science, BTech, Information Systems or other relevant degrees.
  • Able to multitask and communicate in spoken and written manners.
  • Proficient in the Cloud Computing systems.
  • Have experience in dealing with AWS, scripting or programming, and database administration or data science.
  • Graduate from other internship programmes.

How to Apply for Amazon’s Internship Programme
There are two different streams that applicants can choose when they want to apply for Amazon’s internship programme. First, they can choose to apply by Amazon’s online system. Second, they can also use semi-online method through emailing the assigned contact for Amazon’s internship programme.

If applicants choose to apply to Amazon’s online system, then they should first and foremost click their desired intern position and the “Apply Now” button once they are redirected. There will be two options to create a new intern profile: The first one is through social media linking, in this case, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, or Microsoft. For applicants who have trouble in accessing those aforementioned social media, there is the “Create with Online Form” button that can be clicked to register for Amazon’s internship programme.

Alternatively, applicants should email AWS Recruiting Team of Cape Town at [email protected] if they want to apply through email. They should attach their recently-updated CV with their application letter in their email if they want to use this emailing method.

Amazon’s Internship Programme’s Opening and Closing Dates on 2020
Amazon opens up new internship programme every year by posting to its official website. Since the opening and closing dates vary per year and per sample intern position and department, it is important for interested applicants to view on its official South African website for the most updated deadlines per 2020.

Amazon’s Internship Programme’s Contact Details
Lodge an email post to [email protected] if there are any questions regarding on Amazon’s internship programme in general.

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