Parmalat Internship Programmes 2020

Hungry of the Downpouring Images of Milk and Nectars? Check This Information about Parmalat Internship Programme Opportunities on 2020
Parmalat SpA (or “Parmalat”), an Italian-based food and beverages company, has a set of office branches worldwide including in South Africa. Similar to its offices around the world, Parmalat’s main portfolios are centred around milk, dairy products, and fruit beverages.

When these realities are tied with Parmalat’s internship opportunities, it can be said that Parmalat is the best place for prospective interns to enhance practical knowledge and application in milk, dairy products, and fruit beverages-related works. Not only that interns will be showered by milk, creams, cheeses, nectars, juices, teas, and much more while doing an internship in this multinational company, but they will also get to collaborate with various partnering world-class food and beverage brands as they work.

Parmalat’s Internship Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Parmalat has its own Graduate Development Programme as its internship scheme for students who are currently graduating or about to graduate in selected fields of studies to deepen their practical working experiences since they were studying. As a result of this Graduate Development Programme, Parmalat will be more able to pool long-lasting professional human resources and offer them to be a part of Parmalat’s workforces.

To be eligible for Parmalat’s Graduate Development internship programme, applicants should possess these following criteria aside from being either one of a fresh graduate or one step closer to graduating:

  • Being able to work independently with a minimum supervision.
  • Having a robust level of working energies.
  • Having a minimum qualification in a relevant degree according to these following Parmalat-based internship departments:
    • HR Graduate – Degree (Industrial Relations);
    • Manufacturing Graduate – Degree (Food Science);
    • Quality Graduate – Degree (Food Science);
    • Engineering Graduate – Degree (Mechanical or Electrical Engineering);
    • Information Technology Graduate – Degree (Business Intelligence and or Analytics);
    • Sales / Customer Marketing Graduate – Degree with Commercial subjects;
    • Marketing Graduate – Degree in Marketing (Marketing Management);
    • Finance Graduate – Degree in Finance (Management Accounting), and;
    • Research and Development – Degree in Food Science or Packaging.
  • Willing to achieve more than the minimum target.

How to Apply for Parmalat’s Internship Programme
Internship applications for Parmalat’s internship programme shall be done by clicking on the “Apply Online for the Parmalat Graduate / Internship Programme” texts located on below of its official recruiting portal. Applicants will then be directed to Parmalat’s internship programme’s online registration portal to create their own account and fill in all necessary fields in the online form.

Parmalat’s Internship Programme’s Opening and Closing Dates on 2020
Parmalat opens up new internship opportunities every year, including on 2020. For the most recently-updated opening and closing dates, visit Parmalat’s official Graduate / Internship programme’s recruiting page.

Parmalat’s Internship Programme’s Related Contacts
In cases of further questions on Parmalat’s internship programmes, Parmalat Spa as Parmalat’s main headquarters located in the Via delle Nazioni Unite, 4, 43044 Collecchio (Parma), Italy is up for a visit.

Alternatively, candidates are also welcome to call or email any of these below-mentioned contacts for further Parmalat’s internship programme-related queries:

XXXXX Contact Details
Street Address:

Mail Address:

Phone: xxxxx
Facsimile: xxxxx
E-mail: xxxxx
Homepage: xxxxx

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