Sandvik Internship Programmes 2020

Sandvik Internships 2020, A Series of Global Graduate Internship Opportunities for An Internationalised Experience
Sandvik South Africa (or Sandvik) is a company which main business operations are centred towards mining and engineering. Having maintained 43 thousand employees in total, Sandvik has successfully gained a global reputation, making it a flagship market leaders in terms of its operational areas.

Sandvik’s highly diverse backgrounds have known to attract several Africans and non-African people, such as India, China, Sweden, USA, and much more that participated in its widely-scoped Global Graduate Internship programme. In addition, this internship programme held by Sandvik will balance between works and plays, which will further enhance interns’ individual career progress as well as personal and professional developments.

Sandvik’s Global Graduate Internship Programme Scheme
Sandvik has become a considerable company along with its outstanding performances across 130 different countries. Nonetheless, a gargantuan-sized company will never be complete without any supporting programmes to its objectives.

Therefore, Sandvik’s internship programme called Global Graduate Programme is available to support the dreams of talented and innovative young people to work and collaborate with Sandvik in many of its departments. In this Global Graduate Programme, interns who are Master and MBA graduates are offered many adventurous projects, challenges, and tasks, to expand their knowledge about South African’s manufacturing industries.

Some parts of this internship programme scheme are also bringing interns together to actively contribute in delivering constructive and innovative solutions to build Sandvik for a greater future. This entire experiences offered through Sandvik’s Internship Programme will then lead intern graduates to achieve professional registration bodies’ objectives, which make it a promising internship opportunity, especially for engineering and mining enthusiasts.

How to Apply to Sandvik’s Global Graduate Internship Programme
Applying through Sandvik’s Internship programme for should be done through its online application portal. Upon preparing to apply, please bear in mind that online application forms for South African citizens are different from those who aren’t.

Sandvik’s Internship Programme’s Opening and Closing Deadlines on 2020
Sandvik’s Global Graduate Internship programme will be open again in the next fall sessions. For more information regarding on Sandvik’s internship programme’s deadlines on 2020, visit Sandvik’s main Global Graduate career portal.

Sandvik’s Global Graduate Internship Programme-Related Contacts
Should there be any questions regarding on Sandvik’s internship programme, please click the envelope-pictured button above “Need to Know More?” letters in Sandvik Global Graduate Program’s “About the Program” page and fill in the queries’ forms there.

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