DHL Internship Programmes 2020

DHL Internship Opportunities on 2020 for Current Students, Fresh Graduates, and Those Who Have Just Begun Their Careers
DHL’s presence in more than 220 countries worldwide (including South Africa) makes it one of the most internationalised companies in the world. In addition to its enormous international presences, DHL also has an extensive amount of business units under its wings, namely, DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight and DHL Supply Chain.

This Deutsche Post DHL Group’s part has currently employed more than 350,000 employees and generated a marvelous number of logistic needs-based solutions with aids from its employees. Today, DHL continues to retain more highly-skilled young individuals through many opportunities, including its diverse kinds of internship programme schemes.

DHL’s Internship Programme’s Schemes
DHL offers two separate internship programme schemes depending on the applicant’s educational and professional qualifications as listed below:

  • Studentships: DHL teams up with AIESEC Global to provide students with plenty opportunities to work and explore diverse careers in DHL’s globalised communities, actualise their strengths and potentials, and ultimately immersing themselves to DHL’s every day’s working environment to successfully build their future working portfolios
  • Graduates: In this internship scheme called “The DHL Supply Chain Graduate Program”, DHL offers fresh graduates and career beginners lots of thought-provoking projects as well as more extensive opportunities to immerse in different cultures of DHL’s operational countries’ branches. Eventually, those graduates in this DHL’s graduate internship programme will be able to fast-track their operational roles when they are working.

In addition to those two internship programmes, DHL also offers four other internship programmes that go more specifically towards certain departments. Those four department-based internship programmes are the Financial Graduate Programme, Supply Chain and Logistics Graduate Programme, Human Resource Graduate Programme, and the Business Technology Graduate Programme.

Since those aforementioned schemes have different descriptions as well as requirements, it is advisable for interested applicants to view on DHL’s student internship programme for more information on its studentship programme or DHL’s Graduate portal for more information regarding on its graduate programme scheme. DHL’s department-specific graduate internship programme can also be monitored at its official graduate internship web portal.

How to Apply for DHL’s Internship Programme
Interested applicants for DHL’s internship programme can apply by clicking on the “Apply Here” button located on DHL Graduate’s official website’s “Applications” drop-down menu. After that, candidates can seek for their most desirable internship scheme and apply by clicking on the “Click Here” text located below each internship programme’s scheme’s name to be redirected to the online recruitment system where they can upload their necessary documents.

After applicants complete their online application package, DHL’s Graduate Resourcing Advisor will review on their packages within 5 working days from the last documents’ submissions. Those shortlisted applicants will then be asked two more competency-based questions by the Graduate Resourcing Advisor before they can take the online tests.

The online tests for the shortlisted applicants will consist of three different tests. The first one is the Situational Judgement Test (SJT), which will assess applicants’ abilities to deal with real-world situations. The second one is the online ability test that is relevant to the applied internship programme. Lastly, the third one is the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), which will measure applicants’ working preferences and behaviours.

Applicants who have passed all three of the online tests will be asked to undergo a video interviewing process where applicants record a video outlining their motivations to undergo DHL’s internship programme. After their interviewing videos have been declared as successful, they will undertake a final phase in the Assessment Centre before they can be offered a place for DHL’s internship programme.

Opening and Closing Dates of DHL’s Internship Programme on 2020
DHL opens up opportunities to do internship programme every September each year, including on 2020. Visit DHL’s Graduate Internship programme’s website for more information on its internship programme’s opening and closing dates on 2020.

DHL’s Internship Programme’s Contact Details
Applicants are welcome to email [email protected] in case of further questions regarding on DHL’s internship programme.

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