ArcelorMittal Internship Programmes 2020

Internship Programmes on 2020 in the Time-Tested ArcelorMittal for Graduates to Advance Their Careers
The ArcelorMittal Group (or more widely known as “ArcelorMittal”) is known as a South African-based Group company that works primarily in producing steel. In fact, ArcelorMittal has proven its existence as one of the world’s largest steel producer since its inception in 1928 at Pretoria.

It was strongly tied to the Iscor company by the year of its establishment in terms of its iron and steel producing. The production itself peaked at 1943 when there are huge demands of war-based steel resources at that time, eventually leading ArcelorMittal to build integrative steelworks in Vanderbijlpark on 1947. Until now, this steel-based ArcelorMittal company with its rich history has employed approximately 200,000 workers worldwide to help sustain its business presence and still manage to increase the number of employees through many programmes that it has, including the internship programme.

ArcelorMittal’s Internship Programme Schemes
ArcelorMittal looks for talented young fresh graduates to join in its dynamic internship programme’s schemes. The entire ArcelorMittal’s internship programme schemes contain different length, curriculum, mentoring, and monitoring system.

There are three internship schemes that ArcelorMittal offers, namely, Graduate-in-Training Programme, Candidate Engineers Programme, and Candidate Technician Programme. Those schemes will be described further in the next few paragraphs and sections in this article.

Graduate-in-Training Programme
This scheme contains a combination between work-integrated-learning systems and real-world projects’ exposures and aims for recently-graduated university (or “degree”) students or the University of Technology (or “Diploma” students of these following study fields:

  • Finance
  • Information Management
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Corporate Communications
  • Sales and Marketing.

Depending on the aforementioned study fields and the chosen departments, interns will be allocated professional mentors of their most relevant fields at the beginning of their internship period. Those mentors will provide daily supports as well as track and give feedbacks of their mentees’ performances’ progress weekly.

In return, interns who happen to be in this Graduate-in-Training scheme should deliver a presentation every 6 months for their 24-month period of internship. At the end, they will receive panel recommendations as well as adjusted amounts of their salaries according to their performances. After 24 months elapses, competent interns will be full-time workers at ArcelorMittal.

Candidate Engineers Programme
This Candidate Engineers internship programme scheme is aimed at already-graduated candidates from a 4-year university degree in Engineering. ArcelorMittal usually calls for its engineering bursary recipients in this 24-month Candidate Engineers Programme scheme, even though in some cases, there will be other students who were not funded by ArcelorMittal’s engineering bursary programme that can enter this internship scheme.

In general, ArcelorMittal’s Candidate Engineers Programme puts emphasis on the interns’ club memberships. While it’s true that each intern will be assigned professional mentors on their relevant fields, interns of this Candidate Engineers programme will have opportunities to join in the Engineers, Technician Association (ETA) Young Professional Forum. In this forum, they will collaborate with previous engineering bursary recipients with various engineering-based sub-disciplines to brainstorm about work-related matters.

Like its Graduate-in-Training programme scheme’s counterpart, interns in Candidate Engineers will have to do presentations every 6 months from their 24 months internship programme. They will also receive feedback from the panel that listened to their presentations as well as adjusted salaries according to how well they perform.

Upon graduating, interns will not only be able to be appointed as engineers if they are competent enough. They will also be able to register for the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) membership that will help them a lot in advancing their career’s exposures in the future.

Candidate Technician Programme
Compared to the other two ArcelorMittal’s internship programme’s scheme, the Candidate Technician Programme has the shortest internship period, which is 18 months long compared to the other’s 24 months. This fast-track scheme is aiming for learners who have already graduated from the P1 and P2 Work-Integrated-Learning programme and obtained a National Diploma or a letter from their recognised institution that they have successfully completed their studies.

Similar to its Candidate Engineering Programme counterpart, interns in this Candidate Technician Programme will be allocated expert mentors of their fields as well as get opportunities to network with the Engineers, Technician Association (ETA) Young Professional forum members. Those interns will also have to deliver presentations every 6 months and get feedback as well as adjusted amounts of performance-based salaries as a part of this Candidate Technician Programme’s scheme. In the end, those interns will get opportunities to be registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa’s members like those interns in the Candidate Engineering Programme.

The first difference lies in the output, where Candidate Engineering Programme produces highly-competent engineers after graduating, while the Candidate Technician Programme will promote high-quality interns to be technicians after graduating from this Candidate Technician Programme. Moreover, this Candidate Technician Programme is restricted to these following field of studies:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology.

How to Apply for ArcelorMittal’s Internship Programme
First of all, applicants who want to apply for ArcelorMittal’s internship programme should head over its main internship portal and click their most suitable internship scheme’s name. Each scheme will have a text that can be clicked to be redirected to the ArcelorMittal’s online recruitment system. Click on the “Register” or “Create CV” button to create a new account and complete all details required for ArcelorMittal’s internship programme.

Applicants should keep in mind that some internship schemes in ArcelorMittal require additional interview sections after being shortlisted for the first document selection phase. For example, there are situation-based interview sections and psychometric assessment tests for the Graduate-in-Training programme before candidates can be appointed in the internship’s schemes.

Opening and Closing Dates for ArcelorMittal’s Internship Programme on 2020
ArcelorMittal’s internship programme is open throughout the year. For more information on its opening and closing dates on 2020, visit ArcelorMittal’s main internship portal.

ArcelorMittal’s Internship Programme’s Contact Details
Visit ArcelorMittal’s South African Corporate Office at the following address or call on the following telephone or fax numbers should there be any questions on ArcelorMittal’s internship programme:

  • Physical Address: ArcelorMittal South Africa Corporate Office, Delfos Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark
  • Telephone Number: 016 889 9111
  • Fax Number: 016 889 2097

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