STATS SA Internship Programmes 2020

Statistic-Based Internship Opportunities in STATS SA on 2020 for Unemployed South African Young People
Statistics South Africa (or abbreviated as “STATS SA” in this article) is a public sector organisation that produces official censuses and surveys on demographic, geographic, and social topics, which results are aimed to help South African societies to advance and liberate their economic growth and development. STATS SA has lately produced survey results in 1996, 2001, and 2011 respectively, which are all accurate and contribute to South African’s economic development as noted by its objectives.

To further reach to more advanced economic prosper goals, STATS SA opens up many opportunities for South African citizens to be a part of this former “Central Statistical Service” organisation. One of them is an internship programme for unemployed South African people that will be discussed further in this article.

STATS SA’s Internship Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
According to the Statistics Act, 1999 (Act No. 6 of 1999), it is of STATS SA’s responsibility to deliver scientifically-based information that is understandable for people in local communities. In doing so, STATS SA not only relies on its intellectual and technological prowess, but it also gives more emphasis to larger-scaled operational field’s logistic aspect management abilities, ability to understand and give more unbiased stances to political matters, and administrative power to bring every business operational-related matters together.

Those functions are done through STATS SA’s various field’s departments Statistics, Economics, Geography, Demography, System Development and Analysis/ICT, Logistics, and much more. These departments are open for internship programme through different office selections. Further information on each department’s requirement and office placement can be seen on STATS SA’s Internship Opportunities Advert located on the “PDF Download” section of STATS SA’s main internship portal.

In addition to each of the department’s special requirement, interested interns should also satisfy these minimum requirements in order to be eligible for STATS SA’s internship programme:

  • Be South African unemployed people aged between 20-35 years old.
  • Have at least a relevant NQF Level 6 (or Honours/Master’s degree) according to their selected department at STATS SA’s main internship programme’s page (Special Note: Those who are yet to finish their NQF Level 6 cannot apply).
  • Never participate in any Public Service-related internships beforehand.

STATS SA’s Internship Programme’s Application Process
To begin applying for STATS SA’s internship programme, intern candidates should download the application first on STATS SA’s official website. They should not only complete their document’s necessities such as CV and certified copies of their South African (SAQA)-adjusted education records, but they should also determine in which part of STATS SA they wish to undertake their internship programme.

Sometimes certain fields of studies will only be available to a certain area, and therefore make applicants want to consider applying for different placement location. In this case, they should fund their own accommodation and transportation before and during the internship programme.

These application packages can then either be posted to The Manager: Recruitment and Appointments, Statistics SA, Private Bag X44, Pretoria 0002 or hand-delivered to the ISIbalo House, Koch Street, Salvokop, Pretoria 0002 or to their nearest STATS SA’s provincial office branches. Shortlisted candidates will then receive an invitation to the next application processes, including online assessments and interview sections as determined by STATS SA’s Departments.

In special cases, there will also be pre-screening in the candidates’ appointment prior to the online assessing and interviewing sections for every shortlisted internship applicants. The rest of the applicants should know that correspondences will only be limited to those selected, and neither of late application or old version and/or incomplete application forms will be considered.

Closing Deadlines of STATS SA’s Internship Programme on 2020
STATS SA’s internship programme usually closes at the end of the first month all year round. Click on the “PDF Download” text beside the “Internship opportunities advert 2020/2019” text on STATS SA’s main internship portal for the most updated information on its internship programme’s closing deadlines on 2020.

STATS SA’s Internship Programme’s Contact Details
These people, along with each of their phone number, can be contacted in case of further questions on STATS SA’s internship programme:

  • Ms. Z. Khumalo: (012) 337-6371
  • Ms. L. Nel: (012) 310-2149

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