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University Graduates Aiming for Helping South African’s ICT Sector Should Pay Attention to This Telkom Graduate Development Internship Programme 2020
Telkom SA SOC Ltd. (or more widely known as “Telkom” only) has printed its marks since its underwriting milestone for South Africa’s mobile operations’ launching at 1990. Its huge involvement in South Africa’s wireline and wireless telecommunication device ultimately makes this partially-privatised company one of the pioneers of South Africa’s ICT sectors.

Today, Telkom is facing great challenges from equally strong competitors, namely, Vodacom, MTN, and Cell-C. Coupled with the reality that it has been established in more than 38 countries in the Africa continent, Telkom’s needs to sustain its reputation and presence increase from periods to other periods. Therefore, Telkom held several programmes to enrich future and current workforces, including the internship programme as mentioned in this article.

Telkom’s Graduate Development Internship Programme’s Schemes
Telkom’s internship programme was made to answer South African government’s demand of skilled workers. In this internship programme named “Graduate Development Internship Programme”, Telkom aims to target young South African’s brightest university graduates to join Telkom in sustaining its long-term goals and objectives as well as building the South African’s ICT industry together with Telkom.

Telkom’s Graduate Development Internship Programme is specifically aiming for full-time bursary recipients, even though all South African people who have just graduated from the university can apply. These full-time bursary recipients are then offered 12-months contract periods of placement opportunities that consist of work-and-theory balances before they can have a more fixed-term position with Telkom’s programme.

In this internship programme, graduate interns will be required to attend a set of orientation sessions. For instance, they might be required to know more about Telkom’s internship departments, divisions, and work entry processes. Eventually, they will also be exposed to various on-the-job training and working on various project sessions as well as assigned mentors to enhance their personal and professional growth.

How to Apply for Telkom’s Internship Programme
First, interested applicants should visit Telkom’s official online recruitment page and head over the section containing “Internship” keyword. From there on, applicants will see several opportunities for filling in Telkom’s available functions.

Next, given that they have already set their mind to the internship programme and match their own personalities to the ones required in the redirected page, applicants can apply either by Telkom’s online recruiting system or connect to their Linkedin CV and application letters.

Applicants should choose to click the “Apply” button located on below of the internship positions’ page to be redirected to the page with the “Register Now” button. Click that text to start filling in the entire data and documents’ necessities via Telkom’s online registration system.

Alternatively, the easier mean through the Linkedin account can be used for applicants who have previously had their Linkedin account. In this case, they can either click on the “Apply with Linkedin” button located on below of the internship’s page or “Sign in with LinkedIN” located above of the registering main page.

Opening and Closing Dates of Telkom’s Internship Programme for 2020
Telkom’s internship programme is open every year with its different closing deadline for each year. Visit Telkom’s e-Recruit official website for more information on its opening and closing deadlines for its internship programme on 2020.

Telkom’s Internship-Related Contact Number
Call on the 10217 hotline if there are any questions regarding on Telkom’s internship programme.

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