CSIR Internship Programmes 2020

Fresh Graduates In Science, Engineering, and Technology Fields Can Apply Internships At CSIR In This Year of 2020
Having had established through the Act of Parliament in 1945, CSIR has committed itself to support South African government’s plan in advancing science, engineering, and technology-based researches. As a result, scientists, engineers, and technologies, which makes up to CSIR’s two-third workforce population, work together in achieving state-of-the-art intellectual properties through CSIR’s world-class science and laboratory-related facilities.

Those over-the-top scientific research qualities, along with highly competent workforces, makes CSIR one of the most respected South African public companies in terms of science, engineering, and technology-related research sectors. On top of all, CSIR always advances its research quality through providing several training-based programmes to extraordinary young talents. One of those training programmes that are offered by CSIR is the internship programme, which will be discussed further in this article.

CSIR’s Internship Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
CSIR offers a 12-month research-based internship programme for fresh graduates in its approved study fields to help them in gaining prominent research skills while working under supervisions of experienced research professionals as well as obtaining professional recognition. As a part of this internship programme’s schemes, CSIR also disburses financial and non-financial aids for its intern candidates.

Every of CSIR intern candidates will get monthly salaries and short-term training at CILLA as parts of their financial amenities while and when joining as CSIR’s intern. Additionally, they will also be able to access several projects that have positively significant impacts of South African people’s lives and well-being aside from getting mentoring sessions that will further enrich their research knowledge as mentioned in the above paragraph.

Those who want to be CSIR’s intern candidates should be fresh graduates in either one of Science, Engineering, and Technology with BSc, BEng, or BSc Honours degree and passion for gaining new work experiences.

How to Apply for CSIR’s Internship Programme
Applicants should check on CSIR’s official website along with the assigned internship-related contacts to process their internship programme’s application.

CSIR’s Internship Programme’s Opening and Closing Deadlines on 2020
Internship programme opportunities with CSIR are available every year, including on 2020. Those internship opportunities can usually be found at its official website. Therefore, it is advisable for applicants to view on CSIR’s official website to get the most updated information about the 2020’s internship’s opening and closing deadlines.

CSIR’s Internship Programme’s Contact Details
If there are any questions on CSIR’s internship programme, then applicants should contact Nokuthula Zama on these following e-mail or phone number:

XXXXX Contact Details
Street Address:

Mail Address:

Phone: xxxxx
Facsimile: xxxxx
E-mail: xxxxx
Homepage: xxxxx

Reference: CSIR; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: xxxxx.

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