BMW Internship Programmes 2020

Wondering On What Is It Like To Be Automobile Interns? Check On This 2020 BMW Internship Programme Post
Premium segments have been BMW’s focus since its first years of inceptions. Those premium brands of BMW are BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce, which ultimately leads BMW to be the world’s pioneer in manufacturing premium products in automobile and motorcycle industries.

Until now, BMW has office branches that are spread all over the world. Some of them are the 31 different production and assembly facilities in 14 distinct countries, including in South Africa. Along with its immense numbers of countries that become its main global sales network, BMW pledges to deliver premium qualities of services as well as brands that will satisfy clients’ needs for mobility purposes.

BMW’s Internship Programme’s Schemes
There are two distinct internship schemes that can be chosen by applicants who wish to be BMW interns, namely, Graduate Programme and Students Programme. The BMW Graduate Development Programme (or “Graduate Programme”) lasts for 24 months and aimed especially for Engineering, Information Technology, Finance, and Business Management graduates to enhance their work experiences through a series of comprehensive work-based learning.

Interns in the Graduate Programme scheme will also be assigned a mentor to coach them by using structured dialogues and feedback sessions aside from having opportunities to expand their career horizons with BMW. There will also be 6 months of rotations to help graduate interns fill in their best positions according to their development plans.

On the other hand, the Students Programme scheme with its short, part-time assignments has an overall shorter duration than those of the Graduate Programme schemes. This scheme is only for Accredited Tertiary Institutions students who have no or limited prior working experiences, in which those inexperienced students will get a glimpse of how to do practical work and project experiences in BMW, in addition to knowledge about teamwork and BMW’s people, technology, and process culture.

How to Apply for BMW’s Internship Programme
Depending on the internship scheme that applicants choose, BMW’s internship programme’s registration portal can be different. For example, those who want to apply for BMW’s Business Internship Programme stream can head to the Business Graduate Programme page, while the Engineering Graduate Programme is for those who want to be Engineering interns in the BMW company.

After completing each of the Graduate Programme scheme’s registration section, shortlisted applicants will be informed of the interview sessions with BMW. The internship contracts will only be sent for those who have passed the internship interview sessions.

Opening and Closing Deadlines for BMW’s Internship Programme on 2020
BMW opens up new internship opportunities every year, including on 2020. Visit BMW’s official web page for more information on its 2020’s internship programme’s opening and closing deadlines.

BMW’s Internship Programme-Related Contact Details
Contact BMW Customer Service on the given numbers and/or e-mail address in cases of further questions on BMW’s internship programme:

  • Telephone Number: 0800 600 555
  • Fax Number: 012 522 2347
  • E-mail Address: [email protected]

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