Vodacom Internship Programmes 2020

Vodacom’s 12-Month Internship Programmes In 2020 for South Africans with Engineering, IT, and Other Businesses or Commerces-Based Fields
Its blue and red color combination is an evidence of Vodacom’s closeness to its parent company, which is Vodafone, that owns 65% of this JSE-listed share. Another remarkable thing about Vodacom is that they become the leading company in telecommunication and cellular networks in South Africa with 58% market share and more than 23 million customers that use its huge range of voice, messaging, data, and converged services.

Furthermore, Vodacom is also able to cover connections to Mount Kilimanjaro, which is unreached by regular GSMs. These achievements are results from its optimistic Yebo Gogo campaign in South Africa’s early stages of democratic leadership. In addition to those campaigns, this South Africa-based company has provided and continue to provide internship programmes to strengthen its business presences in more than 40 other African countries as well as South Africa, such as Nigeria, Zambia, Angola, Kenya, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, and Cameroon

Vodacom’s Internship Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Vodacom’s highly diverse internship programme schemes are mainly offered for young adults who are ready to gain more work experiences, new skills, and business networks as they work as interns in this 12-month internship programme with hundreds of other interns, Vodacom’s staffs, and its management as well.

Vodacom’s creative, innovative, and technology-driven values in its internship programme means interns will get themselves engaged in such types of working environments in order to increase their performance’s effectiveness, in addition to reaping fantastic opportunities and benefits that Vodacom has to offer. Once they graduate, those interns will be able to increase business awareness and work in and for these following field of studies and industries:

  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Property
  • Procurement
  • Project Management

Even though those above-mentioned Vodacom’s internship schemes’ requirements vary between schemes, all candidates who are interested in applying for Vodacom’s internship programme should meet these following general requirements:

  • Be non-color blind South African citizens who have valid ID cards and no criminal records.
  • Hold Matric and degree or Diploma certificate from any of SAQA Higher Learning Institutions according to their selected field of studies.
  • Understand all about technology issues, including MS Word and other computer literacy-based programmes.
  • Able to read, write, and speak well in English.
  • Be business-minded people who are eager to achieve their goals.

How to Apply for Vodacom’s Internship Programme
Applicants should look at the “Candidate Profile” section located on bottom-right of Vodacom’s main application portal, to begin with, their application process. They should click on the “Access My Profile” text, and then, “New User” to create a new account as soon as applicants agreed to the given Terms of Conditions.

Opening and Closing Deadlines of Vodacom’s Internship Programme In 2020
Vodacom’s internship programme is open year-round, including in 2020. Applicants are encouraged to visit Vodacom’s main search portal for more information on its 2020’s internship programme’s opening and closing deadlines.

Vodacom’s Internship Programme-Related Contact Details
Applicants who have a Vodacom handset can dial 111 on their handset if they have any questions on Vodacom’s internship programme. Alternatively, all applicants for Vodacom’s internship programme can also call from RSA on 082 111 in cases of further questions that are relevant to Vodacom’s internship programme.

XXXXX Contact Details
Street Address:

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Phone: xxxxx
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Reference: Vodacom; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: xxxxx.

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