Anglo American Platinum Apprenticeship Programmes 2020

Anglo American Platinum’s 2020 Demanding and Innovative ESTC Apprenticeship Programmes
Anglo American Platinum Limited (or also known as “Anglo American Platinum”), that operates its business mainly in the Northwestern and Northeastern areas of Johannesburg, South Africa, is currently the world’s largest platinum producer. Its domineering business operations in the Bushveld Igneous Complex further accentuated its capabilities in producing not only platinum, but also other precious mineral and ore resources, such as chromium, vanadium, and titaniferous magnetite.

In doing its resources-based-related projects, Anglo American Platinum also ensures that its projects comply with the recently-revised South African Mining Charter, which makes it a reliable place to undergo its highly diverse programmes, including the apprenticeship programme. The apprenticeship programme in Anglo American Platinum is especially rewarding since this company’s management teams that foresee the apprenticeship programmes consists of 74% HDSA people, which gives out optimism for future Qualified Artisans to be ready to embark in more job opportunities as they graduate.

Anglo American Platinum’s Apprenticeship Programme’s Schemes
Anglo American Platinum claims its apprenticeship programme scheme to be the most progressive and innovative in South Africa. Its commitment in Safety and Quality Training to produce qualified and competent Artisans in its apprenticeship programme further strengthen its claims, as those Qualified Artisans become ready to embark in the job market to make differences in their workplaces and the South Africa country as a whole.

The Anglo American Platinum’s main apprenticeship’s scheme’s name itself is called the Engineering Skills Training Centre (or abbreviated as “ESTC”). ESTC’s apprentice candidates will receive materials about Supervisory Management, Leadership Programs, Introduction to Safety, Life Skill coaching sessions, and other training sessions as deemed important by their chosen apprenticeship pathways.

In the end, those apprentices have to undergo computer-based testing (CBT) programmes and Trade Tests before they can be Qualified Artisans in any of these below-mentioned apprenticeship’s fields:

  • Rigging
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Electrical
  • Plating/Boilermaking
  • Fitting
  • Automotive Electrician
  • Measurement, Control, and Instrumentation

How to Apply for Anglo American Platinum’s Apprenticeship Programme
Applicants who are interested in attending Anglo American Platinum’s apprenticeship programme can visit its official website to begin their application processes.

Opening and Closing Dates for Anglo American Platinum’s 2020’s Apprenticeship Programme
Anglo American Platinum’s apprenticeship programme is open year-round, with its different opening and closing dates every year. Visit Anglo American Platinum’s main search portal for more information on its apprenticeship programme’s opening and closing deadlines on 2020.

Anglo American Platinum’s Apprenticeship Programme-Related Contact Details
Call this below-mentioned number or write e-mail on the assigned e-mail below to obtain answers to questions regarding Anglo American Platinum’s apprenticeship programme:

XXXXX Contact Details
Street Address:

Mail Address:

Phone: xxxxx
Facsimile: xxxxx
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Homepage: xxxxx

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