Denel Technical Academy Apprenticeship Programmes 2020

Denel Technical Academy’s Aviation Apprenticeship Programmes on 2020 for All Aspiring Aircraft Workers
Denel Technical Academy is known for its huge overall reputation across the African continent for more than 40 years. This academy’s training programmes are mainly offering Aviation and Engineering apprenticeship programmes as its two programmes that set them apart from other similar training institutions in South Africa.

Denel Technical Academy’s Aviation and Engineering apprenticeship programme uses a Competency-Based Modular Training system, which resulted in the obtained approval and accreditation from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) and the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Training Authority (merSETA). By balancing between practical and theoretical training, Denel Technical Academy has succeeded and will continue to succeed in transforming prospective artisans to Qualified Artisans until today.

Denel Technical Academy’s Apprenticeship Programme’s Schemes
In general, the entire Denel Technical Academy’s apprenticeship programme’s duration range between 95-208 weeks. Upon graduating from any of Denel Technical Academy’s apprenticeship programme’s schemes, apprentices will undergo a Trade Test to gain a Qualified Artisan certification that can be used locally and internationally.

Denel Technical Academy’s most renowned apprenticeship programme scheme is the Aviation Training scheme, which is held under the auspices of Denel Aviation. According to SA-CAA, the registered number of Denel Technical Academy’s Aviation Training programme is ATTC 004. The points mentioned below are parts of Denel Technical Academy’s Aviation Training’s sub-division along with their unique training material’s descriptions in general:

  • Aircraft Avionician: Trains on apprentices’ knowledge and practical skills of being aircraft technicians and aircraft radiotricians as well as handling and maintaining problems in the modern day’s aircraft instrument mechanic’s installations and other equally-critical problems for quicker turnarounds.
  • Aircraft Technician: Contains apprentice training materials for diagnosing, maintaining, repairing, and installing necessary electrical components to deliver and integrate various aircraft’s electrical powers.
  • Aircraft Instrument Mechanic: Exercises on a more complex set of aviation-based apprenticeship programme schemes, for instance, integrating electronic and fine mechanical prowess through auto-pilot and dexterity training.
  • Aircraft Radiotrician: Trains apprentices mainly on navigating and communicating through aircraft’s radio station. In special cases, this scheme also provides materials for apprentices to fix and adjust related aircraft’s equipment.
  • Aircraft Mechanic: Gives knowledge of integrated aircraft systems’ processes as well as trains apprentices to perform well in maintaining and certifying aircraft’s machinery specifications through corrective and preventive actions.
  • Aircraft Structural Worker: Provides theoretical and practical grounding for artisans (or apprentices) to repair the physical form of aircraft after damaging incidents.

Aside from the more well-known Aviation Training, Denel Technical Academy also provides an Engineering Training consisting of Electrician, Fitter and Tuner, Millwright, Tool and Jigmaker, Turner and Machinist, and Welder sub-systems as a part of its scheme as explained in the following points:

  • Electrician: Provides technical knowledge about law and regulations for electrical networks as well as practical training in maintaining and installing the various light and heavy-weighted electrical equipment as needed.
  • Fitter & Turner: Involves apprentices to turn, mill, grind, and weld machinery equipment to ensure those machines are always ready to be used.
  • Millwright: Learns all about heavy machinery, including dealing with mechanical and electrical combinations of robotic and automatic engineering processes through modifying and reconstructing machinery equipment.
  • Tool & Jigmaker: Teaches apprentices to create specialised jigs to assist production capacities with as minimum waste percentages as possible.
  • Turner & Machinist: Trains involved apprentices or artisans according to their different machinery-related specialisations (such as surface grinders or milling machines) to accurately produce or repair machines’ parts according to the clients’ instructions.
  • Welder: Enables apprentices to learn in-depth about techniques in producing welds even if faced with difficult situations.

Apprentices will have different career prospect upon graduating depending on which stream or scheme of Denel Technical Academy’s apprenticeship programme they prefer to undertake. More information regarding on Denel Technical Academy’s apprenticeship programme’s diverse set of schemes can be seen through its apprentice training portal.

How to Apply for Denel Technical Academy’s Apprenticeship Programme
Interested applicants in Denel Technical Academy’s apprenticeship programme can send their CV and completed application letter to [email protected]

Denel Technical Academy’s Apprenticeship Programme’s Opening and Closing Dates on 2020
Denel Technical Academy offers different apprenticeship streams with each of different opening and closing deadline per year. Visit Denel Technical Academy’s main portal for more information on Denel Technical Academy’s diverse opening and closing dates on 2020.

Denel Technical Academy’s Apprenticeship Programme’s Contact Details
Contact these following phone numbers and email or visit the below-mentioned address to lodge more questions on Denel Technical Academy’s apprenticeship programme:

  • Cell Phone Number: +27 11 927 4465/2620
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Physical Address: Atlas Road, Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Gauteng
    Box 16610, Atlasville, 1465

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  1. If u’ve been working as the maintenance semi skilled for 4 years but you do have NCV Level 3 can I apply for the trade test

  2. If u’ve been working as the maintenance semi skilled for 4 years but you do have NCV Level 3 can you apply for the trade test

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