Barloworld Internship Programmes 2020

Barloworld Profile
Barloword is a company that specializes in the field of logistics solutions. Based in both South Africa, in the city of Johannesburg, as well as United Kingdom, in the city of Maidenhead, Barloword is responsible for their distribution services which are conducted through fleet management and integrated rental. As one of the few South African countries that has had quite a long history within the nation (upon its founding in 1902), Barloworld maintains it spirit of innovation through ethical means of business, and constantly aims at giving back to the people who have greatly supported Barloworld throughout the years. As of now, Barloword is comprised of several crucial divisions that are the hearts of the company. These divisions include Equipment, Logistics, and Automotive. With an extensive list of impressive clientele, Barloworld has served for some of the world’s biggest brands, such as BMW, Caterpillar, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and so many more to date.

About Barloworld Internships 2020
As an effort to give back to the general society, the Barloworld Internships is 24-month program that is conducted on the basis of giving young, talented individuals with the opportunity to establish their pre-career paths before venturing into the real working world. If you think you’re not ready yet to immediately seek for a job vacancy, internships are the best option for you. The Barloword Internships program caters to these following list of study fields, which are:

  • Communications: Bachelor’s degree in Communication
  • Engineering: Matric and Relevant Bachelor’s Degree (BEng/BSc Eng Mechanical, Electrical, Processing or Mining Degree)
  • Information Systems: Bachelor’s Degree (B Com) in (Informatica).

Entailed to the internship programme are some key responsibilities that all future interns must be prepared to do in order to maintain their spot. These will include contributing greatly to the Barloworld Equipment’s profile through market research, stakeholder management, and multiple issues that require problem solving skills. Interns will be pushed out of their comfort zones as they are required to take upon great roles that deals with seizing opportunities and risks. Take a look at the official Barloworld website if you need more information on the company behind this internship programme.

Barloworld Internship Requirements
Before candidates can immediately sign up for the Barloworld Internship programme, future interns must be able to meet all of these requirements below. This is to ensure that every incoming candidate is on the same level of standards which not only helps the committee to assess the participants, but it will also give everyone an equal fair opportunity on the internship programme. Find out more about the programme by visiting its website.

Below are the Barloworld Internship Requirements:
Basic Qualifications

  • Able to provide an academic transcript with an average score of 65% for all of its results
  • Holds an educational qualification in any of these study fields
    • Communications: Bachelor’s degree in Communication
    • Engineering: Matric and Relevant Bachelor’s Degree (BEng/BSc Eng Mechanical, Electrical, Processing or Mining Degree)
    • Information Systems: Bachelor’s Degree (B Com) in (Informatica).

Working Skills and Competencies

  • Able to analyze complex problems and provide beneficial solutions
  • Has a great sense of both verbal and written communication, as well as comprehension
  • Knows how to adapt to different working situations
  • Can work both on their own and with other staff members
  • Able to manage their own time during work
  • Has the drive to grow into a better worker.

How to Apply Barloworld Internship 2020
Now that you’ve double checked your eligibility for the Barloworld Internship programme, it’s time to start on your applications! However, before we get to the part where you have to start sending in your documents, all candidates must make sure that the internship of their choice is open for applications at the time of registration. To do this, all candidates must visit the Barloworld Career Page to ensure that their internship programme is available.

If the Barloworld Internship programme is available, good for you! Time to follow these next few application instructions for a smooth application procedure:

  • Upload your latest, most recently-updated Curriculum Vitae in either PDF or Word format. Please be informed that the size of your CV must be 250MB or less
  • The first link you will see is an e-amil address that you must click. After you’re done clicking on it, you will be asked to send an e-mail along with your Curriculum Vitae. Once that is done, you will be given a link where you must click on it. You will then be redirected to a questionnaire, where you must fill it completely
  • If you choose to start your applications by following the second link, then you will have to sign in on the website as a “Employee”. On the page, the website will ask you to provide your Barloworld Equipment email address along with its registered password. After you have fill in the much-required details, candidates will be given an important link that will lead you to a page with all of the available internal positions or vacancies.

Barloworld Contact Details
Street Address:
61 Katherine Street
Sandton, 2196

Mail Address:
PO Box 782248
Sandton, 2196

Phone: +27 11 445 1000
E-mail: [email protected]

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