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Rand Water Profile
Ever wonder where the water comes from in your homes? Introducing Rand Water – a South African-based company that has been mainly water for distributing water in bulks throughout the entire nation ever since 1903. Noticing the urgent need for water supplies in the country, the company does not just rely on its business to meet the demands of its people, but it has established what is known as the Rand Water Academy – an establishment that prepares, educates, and trains young South African individuals who are interested in working for the Rand Water company some day and is passionate about supplying water for the greater good of society.

As a world-class academy with high-quality standards, the Rand Water Academy stresses the importance of not just merely distributing water in mass amounts, but to also maintain the pristine quality of the water through proper sanitation. Started in 2012, the Rand Water Academy is also formed as a response to the severe water-based issues that are being faced by the country. It’s no secret that water is one of human beings most needed necessity. Therefore, through innovative strategies and upmost professionalization, the Rand Water Academy hopes to create a new generation of workers who are willing and capable enough to work under the Rand Water profession in the future. Check out the website if you’d like more details about Rand Water.

About Rand Water Internships 2020
In cooperation with the Govan Mbeki Local Municipality, the Rand Water company has initiated a Graduate Internship programme that is aimed to provide local rural communities with the necessary working skills so that they are able to immerse into employment. With two main projects, which are the Water and Waster Water program (136 graduates) and the Built Environment (80 graduates), Rand Water hopes that it is able to encourage graduates who no prior working experience yet to develop on their skills set before they seek work within the Water Service Authorities.

The Rand Water Internships programme is open for all young graduates who have completed their education. Whether it’s a Degree or a Diploma, interested candidates are all invited. The internship programme caters to graduates who have finished an education within these following study fields:

  • National Diploma/B. Degree Environmental Science
  • B. Degree Legal/Risk Management/Internal Audit
  • BSc/B-Tech Computer Science/Information Technology
  • BCom – Information Technology
  • National Diploma/BCom/BTech Total Quality Management/Operations
  • Management
  • LLB
  • National Diploma in Watercare
  • B.Degree Social Science/Social Work/Psychology
  • Bsc/B.Eng Civil Engineering
  • Bsc/B-Tech Electrical Engineering (heavy/light current)
  • National Diploma Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Architecture
  • BTech/BSc/B.Eng Metallurgy Engineering
  • National Diploma Metallurgy Engineering
  • BTech/National Diploma Engineering Surveying
  • National Diploma/B.Degree Nursing (Registered Nurse)
  • Honours/Masters Degree Natural Science/Information Systems (Data Analytics)
  • BSc Electrical Engineering (heavy/light current)
  • ND/BSC Bio Chemistry
  • ND/B-Tech Analytical
  • Bcom – Finance
  • Degree Bachelor of Commerce
  • Degree Bachelor of Law
  • ND/B-Tech Forensics
  • Degree Financial Accounting
  • Honours/B-Tech Human Resources Management.

To see if you share the same vision and missions of the company, you can take a look at the official Rand Water company website.

Rand Water Internship Requirements
To sign up for the Rand Water Internship programme, it’s important for all candidates to be able to meet all of these following criteria. The purpose behind this is so that everyone is given an equal, fair shot by having the start off from the same level of standards. While not meeting all of these criteria may not get you immediately disqualified from the application procedure, you may risk the possibility of losing your spot in the Rand Water Internship programme.

The Rand Water Internship Requirements includes:

  • Officially recognized as South African nationals
  • Not be older than 30 years old
  • Has not taken part in a another graduate programme or internship
  • Considered as PDIs (Previously Disadvantaged Individuals)
  • Undergoing through any disabilities
  • Females
  • Has astounding communication capabilities
  • Has the drive to be the best versions of themselves.

How to Apply Rand Water Internship 2020
Signing up for the Rand Water Internship programme is as simple as counting 123. To start off, candidates will have to visit the Randwater E-Recruitment website and make sure that the internship programme of their choice is open for application. After that you have checked that the internship programme is currently accepting applications, you can directly apply for it by following the application instructions that have been stated clearly online.

Alternatively, you can also send in your applications through e-mail. However, you will be required to gather up the official application form and several documents to prepare your application dossier. First, download the application form at the official Rand Water website. After attaining the application form, you will then have to gather up several important documents, like your most updated Curriculum Vitae, a valid copy of your identification, a valid copy of your Matric examinations certificate, your most recent academic transcript with your results, and valid copies of your available certificates. Once your application dossier is all prepped up, send them in to this provided e-mail address: [email protected]

Announcements will be made within 30 days past the official closing date of the Rand Water Internship programme. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified by the committee. If you have not head any word from the committee past those 30 days, unfortunately, we regret to inform you that your application has not passed the selection phase.

Rand Water Contact Details
Street Address:
Head Office
522 Impala Road
South Africa

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 1127
South Africa

Phone: +27 11 682 0911
E-mail: [email protected]
Homepage: http://www.randwater.co.za/

Reference: Rand Water; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: xxxxx.

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