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About Sasol Internships 2020
The Supply Chain Graduate Trainee Programme is a 12 month work-based programme aimed at affording unemployed Graduates work experience within the Supply Chain working environment. The programme offers a structured opportunity to Graduates to gain practical work experience and be developed and groomed for permanent employment. Graduates will report to Line Managers and will be assigned mentors and coaches.


The main deliverables of the role is for Graduates to:

Gain practical experience;
Increase own understanding of the work involved in a particular field;
Increase self-confidence;
Comply with all Company policies and procedures; and
Undertake work as per the Portfolio of Evidence and as directed by the Manager / Supervisor in the functional areas;

Sasol Internship Requirements


B Com or BTech (General, Accounting,Logistics, Procurement, Supply Chain, Transport Mgmt, etc)



Self-mastery – Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback and self-correcting.
Functional / Technical

Drives accountability and high performance -Enables and demonstrates high performance that achieves measurable business results through accountability.
Understand performance objectives and expectations
Be accountable and take responsibility for own performance
Participate in/contribute positively to work/team environment

Attend all training courses and demonstrate commitment to apply training, to acquire new capabilities and to continually improve knowledge and skills proficiency
Solicit performance feedback from colleagues, reviewers and action areas for development
Develop ability to work effectively when under pressure and in situations requiring rapid change
Enhance effective time management skills
Solicit coaching when in need

How to Apply Sasol Internship 2020
How to Apply: Apply online here.

Note: Failure to provide Sasol with truthful information and valid documents will render your application null and void. If you don’t hear from us within a month (30 days) after the closing date of the advert, please regard your application as unsuccessful.

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