IEMAS Internship Programmes 2020-2021

IEMAS Profile
IEMAS is a financial services establishment based in South Africa that has garnered an impressive clientele throughout the years. From their humble beginnings in 1937, IEMAS has offered a range of services that accommodate different demographic groups. These products and services include vehicle finance and loan products, unsecured loans, business insurance, individual service, pension-backed loans, short-term insurance, educational loans, and life insurance products. IEMAS upholds a sense of community within their clients by offering their exclusive IEMAS products. Any client who uses the product will automatically be regarded as a member of the IEMAS co-operative, allowing them to enjoy member rewards as IMEAS continues to make profits.

The IEMAS entity is comprised of more than 600 employers. This gives a huge majority of the South African community a chance to attain their well-deserved financial service. IEMAS operates on the basis of treating everyone like family. All employees are ensured that they are given the same amount of financial wellness as well. Just as employees are willing to provide upmost professionalism towards the clients, the company treats their workers with the same amount of respect and dignity. Smart, knowledgeable, and ethical, IEMAS is a leading example of what a modern-day financial services company should be.

About IEMAS Internships 2020-2021
IEMAS is offering a number of internship positions for talented, young individuals who are passionate for the field of financial and insurance products. As a leading provider in all things financial, IEMAS recognizes the need for more programmes that can bring forth a new generation of knowledgeable talents. With the IEMAS Internships, South African youths have the remarkable opportunity to jump start their career as a Financial Planner or Financial Advisor.

The IEMAS Internships is especially offered to candidates who are not employed by any company at the moment. Upon acceptance into the programme, interns must be willing for possible relocation into any one of IEMAS’s offices. Please be kindly informed that IEMAS has different branches in Rustenburg, Boksburg, Centurion, Vanderbijlpark, and Emalahleni.

Upon acceptance into the IEMAS Internships, participants will be subject to a 12-month contract that will legally bind them together with the company. Afterwards, interns must participate in the intensive training and development programme that will ensue in order to fulfill the FAIS Fit and Proper criteria. Only then, you can start attaining work exposure under the guidance of senior professionals and begin your learning journey as a future Financial Advisor.

IEMAS Internship Requirements
Interested candidates must adhere to a number of requirements in order to be considered qualified for the IEMAS Internship. Each of these items below will determine whether you are eligible enough for the internship. To ensure a level of success with your registration, it is advisable that you fulfill everything in the list below. Failure to do so might put you out of the selection committee’s radar.

The IEMAS Internship Requirements are as stated below:
1. Basic Criteria

  • Completed their Matric examinations with flying colors
  • Has attained at least a “D” symbol or above for English and Maths
  • Finished either a Diploma or Degree in any tertiary qualification related to their studies
  • Optional, but highly advantageous: owns a legitimate Code 8 Driver’s License.

2. Previous Experiences

  • Currently not employed by a company
  • Not pursuing your studies at the moment
  • Has a solid plan of starting a career as a Financial Advisor
  • Passionate in developing a career within the Long-Term Insurance Sales department
  • Preference will be offered to candidates recognized under the company’s Employment Equity policies.

3. Working Capabilities

  • Displays strong communication abilities (both verbal and written)
  • Upholds a high sense of confidence in their performance
  • Able to perform adequately under immense pressure
  • Can participate in the internship as per scheduled
  • Not involved in any studies at the moment.

How to Apply IEMAS Internship 2020-2021
Applications for the IEMAS Internship are done online. To get a head start with your registration, visit the Official IEMAS Vacancy Portal. Once you have accessed the portal, you can check the availability status of your desired internship. If the IEMAS Internship is currently up for grabs, you can immediately apply for it on the portal. However, if it’s closed for the moment, come back to the portal any time in the future. There’s bound to be future opening updates some day.

Please be kindly informed that IEMAS is upholding their Employment Equity policies. This is done as an effort to promote diversity and increase inclusivity within the working force . Therefore, the selection committee will be providing preferences for candidates who deem to be suitable enough to meet their Employment Equity goals.

IEMAS Contact Details
Street Address:
Shop UG12 Nobel Park Old Paarl Rd, City of Bellville, Western Cape, 7530, South Africa

Mail Address:
Private Bag X7, Sanlamhof, Bellville, 7532

Phone: +27 86 104 3627
E-mail: [email protected]

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