Implats (Impala Platinum) Internship Programmes 2020-2021

Implats (Impala Platinum) Profile
Impala Platinum, or more commonly referred to as Implats, is a holdings company based in South Africa that is well-known for its ownership over a number of local mining companies. These selected companies conduct their mining operations in search of a variety of metals and minerals, namely platinum, copper, nickel, cobalt, and PGMs. Implats is famous for their two most prominent mining complexes: the Bushveld Complex, and the Great Dyke. While Bushveld Complex is located in South Africa, the Great Dyke is their neighboring country, Zimbabwe. Both locations produce a massive amount of 237 million ounces of platinum alone. This number is all thanks to the company’s activities, which includes several mine-to-market schemes, operations, and refining services.

About Implats (Impala Platinum) Internships 2020-2021
Implats is offering internship programmes for South African individuals who require experiential training sessions under a real-time work environment. Conducted in the company’s refinery based in the area of Springs, Gauteng, the Implats Internship is mainly offered to individuals who are pursuing their courses in either Environmental Management, Chemical Engineering, or Analytical Chemistry. Under this internship, all selected interns will be tasked with a series of responsibilities as a means to achieve their much-needed in-service work training (P1 and P2). Before the issuance of any said duties, these will be discussed between the intern’s mentor and their respective training institution. After successfully finishing the Implats Internship, participants will be entitled to a National Diploma in either Environmental Management, Chemical Engineering, or Analytical Chemistry

Implats (Impala Platinum) Internship Requirements
The Implats Internship is only available for South African individuals who are deemed qualified enough for this programme. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the internship, the committee will be fairly assessing all incoming candidates based on the eligibility criteria that has been published. Each of these items below will fully determine whether you will be accepted into the internship or not. Therefore, make sure you take note of everything that is listed below.

The Implats Internship Requirements are:

  • Must have finished all of their S4 subjects – proven with an S4 Certificate or Statement of Results
  • Has strong basic knowledge of the materials that are taught in the course
  • Does not have any prior experience before this internship
  • Note: applicants who are still currently pursuing their S4 subjects will NOT be accepted.

How to Apply Implats (Impala Platinum) Internship 2020-2021
Interested candidates of the Implats Internship can begin their preparing their application dossiers. First and foremost, registrants are required to send in their most recent Curriculum Vitae, an accurate statement of their results, and a valid copy of their Identity Document. Once everything is compiled, you may send them in through postal carriage by referring to this full address: The Human Resources Department, Impala Platinum Limited Refineries, PO Box 222, Springs, 1560.

Announcements will only be made directly to selected applicants with correspondence from the company’s Human Resources Department. Should you not receive any notifications from them after 30 days past the application deadline, we regret to inform you that your applications has been denied by the committee and you will not proceed with the internship.


  • Implats is adhering to their Employment Equity Act. Therefore, priority will be offered to current employees originating from certain communities and/or people who are undergoing through disabilities
  • Shortlisted candidates are subject to an extensive medical assessment, occupational assessment, and a polygraph assessment
  • Internships will officially being at the beginning of February.

Implats (Impala Platinum) Contact Details
Street Address:
2 Frikker Road Illovo, Johannesburg, 2196 South Africa

Mail Address:
Private Bag X18, Northlands, 2116

Phone: +27 11 731 9000
Facsimile: +27 11 731 9254
E-mail: [email protected]

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