Maersk Internship Programmes in South Africa 2020-2021

About Maersk
If we talk about Maersk, it is important to mention the fact that the company has been considered as one of the globe’s prominent figures within the logistics and shipping services field. With their operations conducted in approximately 130 countries, and the help of as many as 70,000 employees all around the world, Maersk is an ever-expanding company that specializes in the task of transporting goods to any where, any time.

Over the past century, Maersk has made it its mission to become a transporting service that is highly-trusted by the local society’s around them. Through customer engagement end-to-end delivery networks, the company takes pride in their simple ways of operation to meet their clients’ rather complex wishes.

However, that’s no difficult feat for Maersk. The secret to their success is by going “all the way”. Whether it’s a simple duty or an extremely-elaborate project that takes years to complete, Maersk will do anything it takes to finish what they have started. If you plan to work in a company that commits to what is has promised, then Maersk is you next career move.

About the Maersk Internships in South Africa 2020-2021
The Maersk company believes that in order to attract high-quality future employees, companies must also provide a platform for young individuals to attain the necessary skills so that they will come prepared as they are about to enter the real working world. Therefore, the company is currently introducing the Maersk Internship Programme for University Graduates.

Applying for the Maersk Internship Programme will definitely be worth your time. Should you be selected for the programme, you will be granted the chance to experience an international working culture unlike any other. Under the ecosystem of Maersk, the company guarantees that all interns will have something beneficial that they can take home and use it for their future career paths.

As a Maersk intern, there will be several tasks and duties that the intern must take full responsibility of, but still under the complete supervision of their managers. Their duties include:

  • Attending to the systems and processes of the operations
  • Creating relationships with potential internal and external stakeholders
  • Executing your job responsibilities.

Maersk Internship Programme in South Africa Requirements
In order to qualify for a Maersk Internship Programme, all candidates must follow these respective requirements. The purpose of having these requirements is to make it easier for the committee to hand select their chosen interns. In addition, it also sets as a concrete parameter to determine which candidate deserves the position as a Maersk Intern.

The Maersk Internship Programme Requirements includes these following items:

  • Have recently graduated with any degree from the study fields of Maritime, Transport, or Logistics
  • Has a high sense of motivation and energy
  • Can work individually as well as in a team
  • Has a proven fluency of both written and spoken English
  • Can learn on-the-job and has constantly curious about what they are learning
  • Is extremely interested in the industry that they will be involved in.

All candidates are highly-encourage to follow these set of requirements that have been standardized by the Maersk Internship committee. Not meeting all of these requirements might cause some consequences to the overall result of your internship application. Therefore, make sure you take in a lot of effort to bring out the best in yourself in front of Maersk’s eyes.

How to Apply Maersk Internship in South Africa 2020-2021
Now that you’re all prepped up for the Maersk Internship programme, it’s time to get a head start with the applications. To start off, simply turn on your Internet, access your browser, and visit the Maersk Career Page. Select Country/Region “South Africa”, click “SEARCH” and see the result. Once you reach the result, simply click on the “Apply” button situated on the top right corner of the page.

After you have clicked on the “Apply” button, you will then be redirected to the Maersk eRecruitment page. From there on, you will then be asked to create an application account. This account will be extremely useful for your future applications, as it will store all of your details and documents under one medium. Now that you finally have your account, you can Log In and follow the remaining instructions of the application.

If you happen to not qualify from the Internship programme but you’re still interested in working for Maersk, we’ve got you covered as well! You can also search for various opportunities that are offered by the Maersk company. Take a peek at the Maersk Career Page and see which job vacancy, internship, or learnership may best suit your future career paths!

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Roggebaai Place, 8th Floor, 4 Jetty Street, Foreshore, Cape Town

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Phone: +27 21 408 6000

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