(SAQA) South African Qualifications Authority Internship Programmes 2021-2022

(SAQA) South African Qualifications Authority Profile
The South African Qualifications Authority, or simply shortened to SAQA, is a national establishment that is responsible for overseeing the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Based in Pretoria, SAQA is an education management body that commits themselves to the development of young society. This is done by ensuring that there is a concrete set of policies that educational institutes abide to. SAQA conducts several activities to strengthen the NQF, such as researching current educational trends, providing advisory services, as well as registering and verifying qualifications. Through their efforts, SAQA is able to create an integrated system that promotes the potential of South Africa’s current and future learners.

About (SAQA) South African Qualifications Authority Internships 2021-2022
The South African Qualifications Authority is offering internship programme for dedicated individuals who wish to experience the national Education Management Industry. Conducted in the area of Preotria, the SAQA Internships takes place over the course of 12 months. Throughout the entire period, selected interns are able to experience a real-time working environment and understand what it takes to properly establish the country’s National Qualifications Framework. If you would like to be a part of an establishment that plays a crucial role in the national development of youths, this opportunity is the right choice for you.

The SAQA Internships are offered specifically for unemployed graduates. Upon successful appointment as an intern, participants will be entitled to an annual stiped that ranges from R40 000-R60 000 each year. In addition, candidates must be pursuing any one of these mentioned study courses below:

  • Finance and Administration (Diploma/Degree in Accounting and/or Finance (NQF level 6 or 7))
  • Information Management (Diploma/Degree in Information Management and/ or
  • Communications (NQF level 6 or 7))
  • Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications (Office Administration) (Degree in
  • Information Management, Communications (NQF level 7))
  • Advocacy, Communication and Support (Degree in Information Management, ICT Media or related fields (NQF level 7))
  • Public Admin (Diploma/Degree in Public Administration (NQF Level 6 or 7))
  • Knowledge Management (Degree in knowledge management or information management (NQF level 7))
  • Marketing Communication (Degree in Communication, Marketing, Public Relations (NQF Level 7))
  • IT Support (Degree in Information Management, ICT Media and related fields (NQF level 7))
  • Verifications (Degree in Information Management or equivalent (NQF Level 7))
  • National Learners Record Database (Degree in Information Management and / or Computer Science and / or Statistics (NQF Level 7))
  • Business Admin (Degree in Humanities (Business Administration) (NQF level 7))
  • Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications (Verification) (Degree in Communication, Marketing, Public Relations (NQF 7))
  • Supply Chain Management (Diploma/ Degree in Supply Chain Management and/or Logistics/ Public Administration/ Finance (NQF level 6 or 7))
  • IT (Degree in Information Technology (NQF Level 7))
  • Junior Technician (Diploma/Degree Information Technology (NQF Level 6 or 7))
  • Office Administrator (Degree in Business Administration (NQF level 7))
  • Marketing/PR (Diploma/Degree in Communication, Marketing and/ or Public Relations (NQF level 6 or 7))
  • Cash Book (Degree in Accounting/Finance (NQF level 7))
  • Registration and Recognition
  • Education (Degree in Humanities (e.g. Education, Language (NQF level 7))
  • Human Resource (Degree in Human Resource Management (NQF level 7))
  • Communications (Degree (NQF level 7 or 8) Must have the ability to write well in English)
  • Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications (Contact Centre) (Degree in Education, Social Sciences(NQF 7))
  • Data Analysis (Degree in Information Management and/or Statistics (NQF level 7))
  • Statistics (Degree in Information Management and/or Statistics (NQF level 7))
  • Research (Masters Degree in Education or related field (NQF level 9 ))
  • Administration (Diploma/Degree in an area of administration (NQF Level 6 or 7).)

(SAQA) South African Qualifications Authority Internship Requirements
In order to apply for the SAQA Internships, candidates must fulfill the eligibility criteria of programme they are applying for. Each internship position has differing qualifications that must be met. All of these requirements must be met if you wish to guarantee a level of success with your application procedure.

Additionally, lease be kindly informed that SAQA will be offering preference towards individuals originating from different backgrounds. Equal opportunities are typically provided towards candidates from several races, disabilities, and genders. If you consider yourself to be from any one of these designated groups, you are more than welcome to register for the SAQA Internships.

How to Apply (SAQA) South African Qualifications Authority Internship 2021-2022
Interested in the Education Management Industry? It is now time to register for the SAQA Internships. First off, all candidates must access the Official SAQA E-Recruitment Portal. Once you have reached the page, you will need to see whether your desired internship is accepting applications at the moment or not. This is due to the fact that the availability status of each opportunity differs from one time to another. If it is available right now, you can directly register for the programme on the same website. However, if it is closed for now, do not get discouraged. You can simply come back any time in the future to check out for new opening updates.

(SAQA) South African Qualifications Authority Contact Details
Street Address:
SAQA House
1067 Arcadia Street, Hatfield

Mail Address:
Postnet Suite 248
Private Bag X06
Waterkloof, 0145

Phone: +27 86 011 1673
Facsimile: +27 12 431 5147
E-mail: [email protected]
Homepage: https://www.saqa.org.za/

Reference: (SAQA) South African Qualifications Authority; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: saqa.org.za.

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