Schneider Electric Graduate Programmes 2021-2022

Schneider Electric Profile
Schneider Electric is a company that has become a leading pioneer of digital transformation all over the globe. With a massive international presence in more than 100 nations, the company has an extensive range of services that deal with energy management. Their specializations include IT Room Management, Industrial Software Design, Power Management, Industrial Automation, Process & Machines Management, Security Management, and Building Management. The company strives to make the best use of out the world’s electrical resources. By utilizing efficient energy technologies, the company has created a platform that provides, safe, reliable integrated solutions for various infrastructures, buildings, and businesses.

Schneider Electric runs their business by following a strict set of values and positive working attributes. The company is committed to being a hub of constant innovation without sacrificing the need for sustainable work ethics. Since the company deals with world’s greatly-used energy resources, it is important the Schneider Electric pays attention to the sustainability of their working environment. All employees come from diverse backgrounds and communities, promoting the inclusivity of the working staff. Everyone in the team makes sure they follow appropriate ethical standards to achieve a climate-positive culture. With this in mind, it’s no secret that Schneider Electric is on the right path to becoming a prime example in the energy resources sector.

About Schneider Electric Graduate Programmes 2021-2022
Schneider Electric is offering multiple graduate programmes for young, South African learners who have attained a qualification and would like working exposure. The Schneider Electric Graduate Programmes is a grand opportunity for vibrant tertiary institution graduates who wish to develop a stronger understanding of the company’s line of work. Taking place in ZA-Gauteng-Joburg, the graduate programme acts as a pipeline between hardworking undergraduates and the corporate world of Schneider Electric. If you wish to learn more about sustainable energy and work that is put into the business, this graduate programme is the right choice for you.

Graduates will have a lot to gain by joining the Schneider Electric Graduate Programmes. For starters, participants will be trained under the guidance of a seasoned mentor who has had years of working in the company’s international culture. While the company maintains a professional, business approach, participants will be welcomed into a warm and engaging working team that will support your progress. Participants will receive the chance to interact with diverse clients and give you a voice to meet the job’s standards. To top it all off, there will be special training tailor-made for graduates who have their own career goals. The best part? Graduates are promised opportunities of guaranteed employment in the future, followed by professional career developments that will turn you into a better working asset.

Schneider Electric Graduate Programme Requirements
The Schneider Electric Graduate Programme is available for candidates who meet the programme’s eligibility criteria. Each of these items in this list below will determine whether you are the ideal participants for this programme or not. To guarantee a spot in the graduate programme, it is encouraged that you fulfill all these following requirements. Failure to do so can possibly get you disqualified from the registration process. Be sure to take note of the eligibility criteria.

The Schneider Electric Graduate Programme Requirements are as follows:

  • Recognized as an accomplished undergraduate from an accredited tertiary institution
  • Pursued either Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Sales/Marketing during their previous studies
  • Displays an impressive academic track record with astonishing results
  • Shows proven fluency in spoken and written English
  • Has the ability to adapt to new environments and willing to attain new knowledge
  • Communicates in an effective manner
  • Can work independently as well as in a team
  • Advantageous:
    • Has participated in any previous extracurricular activities
    • Has taken part in internships prior to this graduate programme.

How to Apply Schneider Electric Graduate Programme 2021-2022
Candidates will need to access the Official Schneider Electric Career Portal to check the availability status of the graduate programme. Please be kindly informed that the programme is only accepting applications during certain time periods. This is the reason why you will need to skim through the portal to see if your desired programme is welcoming applications at the time of search or not.

If the Schneider Electric Graduate Programme is open right now, candidates will need to submit their resumes through the online portal. Your resume should showcase your strengths, skills, and any available experiences prior to this opportunity. Additionally, your resume should briefly described why your deserve to be a part of the Schneider Electric Graduate Programme.

However, the if the Schneider Electric Graduate Program is unavailable right now, no need to feel discouraged. Come back to the portal any time in the future to check for new opening updates.

Schneider Electric Contact Details
Street Address:
Schneider Electric South Africa 9 Old Pretoria Rd, Halfway House, 1685, Midrand, South Africa

Mail Address:

E-mail: [email protected]

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