SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) Graduate Programmes 2021-2022

SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) Profile
The South African Civil Aviation Authority, or simply referred to as SACAA, is an establishment that is responsible for civil aviation activities and relevant incidents. Based in Waterfall Park near Joburg, SACAA is the official authority figure that oversees national aviation issues in the country. SACAA was formed on 1 October 1998, under the South African Civil Aviation Authority Act 40 of 1998 (which has now been repealed as the Civil Aviation Act 13 of 2009). Under this Act, SACAA has the rights to regulate, enforce, develop, and enforce the safety and security regulations of the nation’s civil aviation sector. All practices are done with the compliance of the Standards and Recommended Practices, as published by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

SACAA oversees four main sectors within the local civil aviation industry, which includes Aviation Security, Aviation Infrastructure, Aviation Safety Operations, as well as Accident and Incident Investigation. Each division has its own responsibility, as explained below:

  • Aviation Security: supervising the level of security in airports, cargo, and ensuring a secure transporation of certain goods
  • Aviation Infrastructure: maintaining the external structures of aviation facilities, such as airports, heliports, and helistops
  • Aviation Safety Operations: making sure that certain civil aviation practitioners, such as air operators, flight examiners, and aircraft maintenance engineers, comply with the safety regulations that have taken place
  • Accident and Incident Investigation: investigating the causes of civil aviation-related accidents and incidents.

About SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) Graduate Programmes 2021-2022
The South African Civil Aviation Authority is providing graduate programmes to talented young individuals to acquire further understanding of the organization. The SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) Graduate Programmes, which will take place in Midrand, Gauteng, is an opportunity that’s specifically designed for graduates who require practical work exposure. Taking over the course of 12 months, the experience you will gain from this graduate programme will transform you into a stronger asset in the competitive job market. It is a helpful pipeline that fast tracks your career path and strengthen your potential as a civil aviation practitioner.

The SACAA Graduate Programmes is offered for graduates with either one of these qualifications below:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Library Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Data Analysis
  • Communications
  • Marketing Management
  • Computer Science
  • Accidents and Incidents Investigations
  • Information Systems
  • Office Administration Management
  • Aviation Security
  • Media
  • Finance Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • General Administration
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources Management

Selected graduates will also be eligible for an allowance provided on a monthly basis. However, please be kindly informed that this allowance does not provide coverage for transporation, accommodation, and daily meal expenses.

SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) Graduate Programme Requirements
The SACAA Graduate Programme is opening up their doors for passionate individuals with a growing interest in civil aviation. However, there are several requirements that candidates will need to fulfill to be considered qualified enough for the programme. Due to the extensive nature of the work environment, candidates are expected to possess several qualities that will help them throughout the graduate programme. Failure to meet these eligibility criteria might put yourself in a riskier position during the registration procedure.

The SACAA Graduate Programme Requirements are as listed below:

1. Basic Requirements

  • Has either an N6 Level, National Diploma, or A Degree in one of the aforementioned study courses
  • Originating from any province in South Africa
  • Preference will be offered to these following candidates:
    • Residents of rural communities that meet the company’s Employment Equity policies
    • People with disabilities.

2. Optional, but Advantageous

  • Possess strong understanding in MS Excel Spreadsheet usage
  • Has prior experience working with data modelling and data visualization
  • A solid foundation in Basic Statistics
  • Understand Data Mapping Principles
  • Applies a logical way of thinking into matters
  • A reliable problem solver with effective, practical solutions.

How to Apply SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) Graduate Programme 2021-2022
Applications for the SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) Graduate Programme are conducted online. To get started, candidates must access the Official SACAA Skillsmap Portal. After accessing the portal, candidates must check whether the opportunity of their choice is open for applications or not. This is due to the fact that the availability status of each programme differs from one time period to another.

If the SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) Graduate Programme is available at the time of search, you can directly register for the programme on the portal. However, if it’s closed right now, no need to worry. Visit the website any time in the future to check for new opening updates. Be sure to check regularly so that you don’t miss out on the latest notifications.

Applications that have met the aforementioned requirements will be processed by SACAA in due time. Announcements will only be made to candidates who have been shortlisted for the programme.

Should not hear back from the selection committee within 90 days past your submission date, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for the graduate programme.

Appointments made by SACAA are in compliance with S98 of the Civil Aviation Act, 13 of 2009. Shortlisted candidates will be subjected to extensive security checks to make sure that candidates have no prior criminal track records.

SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) Contact Details
Street Address:
Ikhaya Lokundiza
Building 16
Treur Close
Waterfall Park
Bekker Street

Mail Address:
Private Bag X 73
Halfway House

Phone: +27 11 545 1000
Facsimile: +27 11 545 1455
E-mail: [email protected]

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