Rand Mutual Assurance Graduate Programmes 2021-2022

Rand Mutual Assurance Profile
The Rand Mutual Assurance Company Limited, or simply referred to as Rand Mutual Assurance, is an insurance provider catering to a wide variety of clients. Based in Joburg, the firm offers insurance services that puts a big emphasis on health benefits and employment injury. During this time of age where technology becomes a prevalent tool, the firm make use of a high-tech IT system to perform deliver their services. The company ensures their services are both affordable and accessible for the general public. At the same time, stakeholders of the firm are still provided excellent service as per according to good governance.

Rand Mutual Assurance high quality of services is all thanks to their dedicated working staff. Directly communicating with clients of different backgrounds, it is important that employees embody caring personal attributes. This helps clients develop a better sense of trust with the firm’s specialists. Employees listen to the needs of their clients and go far and beyond to exceed their expectations. Everyone takes an extra step to make sure that their clients obtain the compensation they deserve, especially if it’s related to injuries or occupational hazards. Professional and practical, Rand Mutual Assurance is a prime example of a leading insurance firm.

About Rand Mutual Assurance Graduate Programmes 2021-2022
Rand Mutual Assurance is offering graduate programmes to well-deserving South African individuals who require work exposure to pave their career journeys. Conducted in Parktown, the Rand Mutual Assurance Graduate Programmes is a fantastic pipeline for graduates to implement their knowledge in to the real-time working world. This programme started out as an initiative for graduates to attain the basic skills and exposure to better prepare themselves for the competitive job market.

Over the course of 12 months, selected graduates must perform a series of responsibilities that are related to the line of work. Graduates will also be asked to finish a mandatory learnership. This learnership will let you earn an NQF Level 4 qualification in Long Term Insurance.

The Rand Mutual Assurance Graduate Programmes are available for these following fields:

  • Medical
  • Human Resource
  • Claims
  • Pensions
  • Sales
  • Finance

Rand Mutual Assurance Graduate Programme Requirements
Interested applicants of the Rand Mutual Assurance Graduate Programme must fulfill a series of requirements. Each of these items will determine whether you are qualified enough for the programme or not. To ensure a successful application, it is advisable that you meet all of these criteria below. Failure to do so might put you in a risky position during the registration procedure.

Please refer to the Rand Mutual Assurance Graduate Programme Requirements below:
Qualifications and Experience required

  • Officially recognized as a legitimate citizen of South Africa
  • Has finished an NQF Level 5/Higher Certificate/Diploma/Degree in one of these following courses:
    • Nursing
    • Business administration or commerce
    • Clinical Associate
    • Employee Relations
    • Accounting
    • Human Resources Management
    • Medical Practice
    • Applied Health or related field
    • Industrial Relations
    • Finance & Business Economics
    • Insurance
    • Insurance Claims or Case Management
    • Payroll administration or related
    • Finance and Risk Management
    • Pharmacy
    • Occupational Health
    • Industrial Psychology

FAIS Regulatory Examination Level 1: Representative

Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies required:

  • Implements knowledge into practical working situations
  • Creates loyal relationships with customers
  • Contributes new ideas to benefit the company
  • Manages workload in a time-efficient manner
  • Proactive with their efforts
  • Tolerates work-related stress
  • Passionate about acquiring new knowledge
  • Takes a look at projects from general point of views
  • Works independently ad in a team well.

How to Apply Rand Mutual Assurance Graduate Programme 2021-2022
Interested candidates of the Rand Mutual Assurance Graduate Programme must access the Official Rand Mutual Assurance Jobs Portal. Once you have reached the website, candidates must check the availability status of their desired programme.

If it’s open for applications at the moment, you can directly register for the programme on the portal. However, if it’s closed at the time of search, no need to get discouraged. Come back to the website any time in the future to see if there are any new opening updates.

Rand Mutual Assurance Contact Details
Street Address:
10 St Andrews Road, Parktown, 2193

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 61413, Marshalltown, 2107

Phone: +27 86 022 2132
Facsimile: +27 86 022 2203
E-mail: [email protected]
Homepage: https://randmutual.co.za/

Reference: Rand Mutual Assurance; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: randmutual.co.za.

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