Queenspark Graduate Traineeship Programmes 2021-2022

Queenspark Profile
Queenspark is a growing fashion empire based in South Africa that has taken their craftsmanship skills onto new heights. Having established themselves in 1980, the enterprise has translated their never-ending creativity into clothes. These range from menswear, womenswear, and even extending to accessories. Queenspark’s versatility in crafting clothes from quality fabrics and their keen eye for details has made the company pioneers of true elegance.

Queenspark alone may have represented neutral tones and a soft sense of modernity into their casual wear, the empire is willing to go above and beyond with their fashion abilities. Further pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones, Queenspark has also branched out with their diverse collections. These include Cath.Nic, Miss Cassidy, Queenspark Plus Collection, and J.Crew.

  • Cath.Nic: taking upon a more feminine range by taking notes on the most recent fashion trends in the market
  • Miss Cassidy: creating luxury womenswear that is both sensual and yet comfortably appropriate for any season
  • Queenspark Plus Collection: promoting inclusivity within fashion, this collection is specifically catered towards plus-sized individuals of all body types
  • JCrew: embracing masculinity, JCrew is for those who are into global fashion trends.

About Queenspark Traineeships 2021-2022
Queenspark is giving out traineeships for well-rounded South African individuals who display a real and genuine interest for the Fashion and Retail Industry. Based in Cape Town, the Queenspark Traineeships is a 12-month programmes designed to accommodate dynamic graduates with the necessary skills to master the business. Under the tutelage of this traineeship, participants are encouraged to strengthen their career development by tackling on new challenges. These are all designed to make sure that you are better prepared for the future job market.

Seeking out for unique, self-motivated participants, the Queenspark Traineeships will receive a fruitful opportunity collaborating alongside dedicated professionals. The Queenspark team is full of diverse mentors and co-workers that can assist you with whatever knowledge you need mastering in. These resources will be extremely helpful, especially since trainees are given a number of responsibilities according to their respective areas.

Speaking of responsibilities, any tasks or duties are given out based on the trainee’s department that they are assigned to. These responsibilities will be provided based on the participant’s relevant qualification and the career development they have planned out. This will give trainees the advantage of upskilling themselves in a more specialized manner. If fashion is your passion, then wait no longer. The Queenspark Traineeship is the perfect opportunity for you to get a head start with your career.

Queenspark Traineeship Requirements
The Queenspark Traineeship comes with an eligibility criteria that must be adhered by all interested candidates. All of these items below will determine whether you are qualified enough for the programme or not. The selection committee takes these requirements as seriously as possible. Failure to meet all of them might put you out from the committee’s spotlight. Therefore, make sure you pay attention all of these criteria below.

The Queenspark Traineeship Requirements are as follows:
1. Minimum Criteria

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Finished an accredited Degree or Diploma in any South African tertiary institution
  • Has achieved any one of these educational qualifications below:
    • Marketing
    • Logistics Management
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Retail Management
    • Fashion & Clothing
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
  • Not employed by a current company
  • Possess impressive academic achievements
  • Shows strong understanding in Computer Literacy (e.g. Microsoft Office software).

2. Working Attributes

  • Displays tenacity to develop their careers
  • Has good logic and reasoning abilities
  • Able to work independently and in a team
  • Dedicated to providing great efforts
  • Stays true to the company’s principles
  • Upholds a strong work ethic
  • Showcases leadership qualities
  • Possesses effective interpersonal capabilities
  • Has a good sense of Business Acumen and Performance.

How to Apply Queenspark Traineeship 2021-2022
Interested candidates who wish to register for a Queenspark Traineeshhip are highly encouraged to keep you eyes peeled on any vacancy advertisements. You can simply encounter any one of them in media platforms, such as newspapers, bulletins, or websites. If the traineeship of your choice happens to be available, do not hesitate to register for it.

All you have to do is submit in your Curriculum Vitae at the nearest Queenspark store within your area. Make sure your Curriculum Vitae highlights all of your strengths, qualifications, and skills that are relevant to the company’s line of work.

The information you provide on your Curriculum Vitae should be accurate. Candidates found to be misrepresenting any aspects of their applications will automatically be rejected from registration. Should you have any troubles with the registration procedure, no worries. You can reach out to the Queenspark Contact Details for further assistance with your applications.

Fraud Notice
Due to the attention that the Queenspark Traineeship has been garnering, there has been a increase in false advertisements spreading around. These scams typically misuse the good name of Queenspark and will ask unsuspecting applicants for money. In exchange, candidates will receive a guarantee of acceptance into the programme.

Please be kindly informed that Queenspark does not endorse this application procedure. The establishment does not request for any money during the registration period. If you happen to encounter any one of these false advertisements along your way, please have them directly reported to the local authorities. You will play a big role in eradicating these scams.

Queenspark Contact Details
Street Address:
Unit 1
Rex Trueform Office Park
263 Victoria Road
Salt River

Mail Address:

Phone: +27 86 178 3367
E-mail: [email protected]
Homepage: https://queenspark.com/

Reference: Queenspark; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: queenspark.com.

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