JD Group Graduate Programmes 2021-2022

JD Group Profile
JD Group is a massive company that has dedicated their past years into creating a major Wholesale and Retail empire. Ever since their establishment, the group has greatly specialized in Furniture, Consumer Appliances, Supply Chain Services, eCommerce, and Financial Services. The group’s ability to branch out to a diverse set of fields has allowed them to garner an extensive portfolio under their belt. This gives them the advantage of meeting the demands of a variety of demographics.

JD Group’s innovation, creativity, and tenacity has given them the opportunity to be a part of Pepkor Holdings Limited. The company’s main goal is to provide their customers with the comfortable lifestyle they so well deserve. Not only do they promote a number of quality products, the group also provides ways to purchase them in a fuss-free manner. The group’s customer-based financial services leaves room for flexibility with any purchases. This helps enrich and simplify a customer’s shopping experience.

About JD Group Graduate Programmes 2021-2022
The JD Group is welcoming recent university graduates to participate in the company’s exciting, 12-month graduate programme taking place in the area of Sandton. The JD Group Graduate Programmes is a fantastic opportunity that is funded by the accredited WR SETA. Over the course of the entire programme, participants will receive a remarkable chance to acquire more knowledge about the Wholesale and Retail Industry.

Under a real-time corporate setting, graduates can implement all of the knowledge they have been taught in university and put it into practice. What better way to grow yourself as a future worker by learning from one South Africa’s most prominent and experienced groups?

The JD Group Graduate Programmes was designed as an initiative to further motivate South African youths into becoming a better version of themselves. This programme will be specifically focusing on a participant’s willingness to follow all of the required structure learning, and the practical working sessions that will ensue. Selected graduates will be put to the test as they are given a number of responsibilities that they must perform. Some of these tasks and duties include:

  • Adhering to all of the on-boarding sessions to better grasp the multiple core functions that make up the entire JD Group
  • Under the guidance of senior co-worker, graduates must perform all of their daily tasks
  • Conduct require research and compile the necessary information regarding departmental trends that may be useful for the future of the company
  • Directly visit the group’s different branches to attain on-site working exposure
  • Deliver presentations to show what they have learnt during the entire programme and showcase their respective progress.

JD Group Graduate Programme Requirements
To qualify for the JD Group Graduate Programme, candidates must fulfill a set of requirements asked of by the committee. Each of these items below must be adhered to guarantee a level of success with your applications. Furthermore, the selection committee will be strictly adhering to these requirements to fully assess all incoming candidates. Failure to meet all of the criteria will get your applications rejected.

The JD Group Graduate Programme Requirements are as follows:
1. Educational Qualifications
Has attained a qualifications in any one of these following study courses:

  • BCom Financial Management
  • BSc/BCom Software Engineering
  • Diploma in Business Management/Business Administration
  • IT information systems/Business information Technology
  • Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing Diploma/Degree
  • IT Project Administration/Project Management Diploma
  • Bachelor Human Resource Management/Industrial Psychology
  • BCom Law/Economics

2. Working Attributes

  • Adaptive to dynamic working conditions
  • Has a critical approach with any new information
  • Effective decision making skills
  • Creates fruitful relationships with co-workers
  • Showcases exemplary capabilities in delivering presentations
  • Feeds off knowledge in a fast manner
  • Puts on a customer-centric attitude
  • Strong work ethic
  • Takes initiative regularly
  • Can work by themselves and in a team as well.

How to Apply JD Group Graduate Programme 2021-2022
Applications for the JD Group Graduate Programme are conducted online. To get started, all interested candidates must visit the Official JD Group Careers Portal. Candidates can search through all of the available programmes on this exact portal.

If you come across the graduate programme of your choice, take a look at whether it’s accepting applications or not. This is because the availability status of each programme differs from one time period to another. Should the JD Group Graduate Programme be open right now, all you need to do is directly register for it on the portal.

However, if the JD Group Graduate Programme is closed momentarily, no need to worry. Come back to the portal any time in the future to check for new opening updates. Visit regularly so that you don’t miss out on any upcoming notifications. For more information, do not hesitate to reach out through the provided contact details.

JD Group Contact Details
Street Address:
6 Eastern Service Rd, Eastgate, Sandton, 2090, South Africa

Mail Address:

Phone: +27 80 011 0775
E-mail: [email protected]
Homepage: https://www.jdgroup.co.za/

Reference: JD Group; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: jdgroup.co.za.

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