RCL Foods Internship Programmes 2021-2022

RCL Foods Profile
RCL Foods is a prominent South African company the specializes in the line of food production. The company, which homes to more than 21 000 employees, is responsible for popular household brands. These products are then further distributed with the help of their accomplished partner, Vector. Thanks to the various efforts of the company, RCL Foods has managed to generate a huge amount of capital that exceeds up to R13 billion.

This impressive achievement alone is not why RCL Foods started in the first place. The company is motivated to provide more quality food to a different South African demographic groups. Not only does the company wish to provide food that has nutritional quality, but to also increase the socio-economic development of their local communities. It is not surprising to see RCL Foods opening their doors for new employees and ideas. This has allowed RCL Foods to grow immensely as an establishment from the past few years.

About RCL Foods Internships 2021-2022
RCL Foods is seeking out for potential, talented interns who would like to receive accredited working experience under a real-time food manufacturing company. The RCL Foods Internships, conducted in Pretoria West, Gauteng, is an eye-opening opportunity for youths to learn about the working world by directly participating with the company’s responsibilities. Through the assignments that will be given, interns can directly understand how RCL Foods operate. Some of the tasks and duties that will be performed include:

  • Tending to the internal and external bookings through proper planning, scheduling, and management
  • Controlling all incoming documents for record keeping purposes
  • Managing the company’s archives
  • Fulfilling any administrative duties that encompasses different functions
  • Following the RCL working code of conduct.

RCL Foods Internship Requirements
The RCL Foods Internship is only available for a hand selected number of participants. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the programme, the internship are only accepting candidates who can fulfill two main basic requirements. First, candidates must already have a Grade 12 certification. In addition, candidates will need to present their respective HR qualification towards the committee. Not meeting these two requirements will automatically get you kicked off from the registration procedure.

How to Apply RCL Foods Internship 2021-2022
Applications for the RCL Foods Internship take place online. Get started by accessing the Official RCL Foods Jobs Portal. Once you have made sure that the internship is accepting applications right now, you may directly register for the programme on the portal. However, you will need to create an account beforehand. Alternatively, you can use your LinkedIn account to easily register for the internship.

If you do choose to create an account, make sure that you keep your credentials safely with you. The account is important as it stores all of your personal information and documents. Do not share you account credentials with any one else to avoid any possible hackings.

Since registration are conducted online, it is highly advised to not wait until the last-minute to submit your applications. This is to avoid any possible online traffic that can disrupt your registration process.

The availability status of the RCL Foods Internship differs from one time to another. If the programme is closed at the moment, do not get discouraged. Come back to the website any time in the future to check for future opening updates. Be sure to visit regularly so that you don’t miss out any updated information.

RCL Foods Contact Details
Street Address:
Ten The Boulevard
Westway Office Park

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 2734
Westway Office Park

Phone: +27 31 242 8600
Homepage: https://rclfoods.com/

Reference: RCL Foods; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: rclfoods.com.

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