Red Bull Internship Programmes in South Africa 2021-2022

Red Bull Profile
Red Bull is well-known, global company that has revolutionized the world of energy drinks. With a massive international presence in more than 170 countries, Red Bull finally opened its South African operations in 1997. Each year, Red Bull manages to produce a groundbreaking number of energy drinks, which could lead up to 6.7 billion cans per year. This accomplishment cannot be done alone, and it is all due to their dedicated team of employees that have tirelessly brought their best onto the table.

Red Bull South Africa, headquartered in the bustling city of Cape Town, is comprised of 140 employees. The team is always expanding in numbers and have spread across the region. It is these hardworking, dynamic souls that work hard to support the brand. Employees are supported by Red Bull’s unique working environment, which aims to stimulate creativity, focus, and collaboration. In order for Red Bull to succeed in the long run, Red Bull encourages workers to become their most sociable selves, and take pride in fruitful, wholesome interactions.

About Red Bull Internships in South Africa 2021-2022
Red Bull is offering Brand Marketing Internships for South African youths who are enthusiastic about attaining work exposure under an international FMCG-based company. Taking place in the city of Cape Town, the programme is a wonderful opportunity for interns to understand what it takes to build a certain brand. From researching data, conceptualizing advertisements, and brainstorming new packaging projects, the Red Bull Internships is a one-stop programme to develop yourself as a future Brand Marketer.

Under the programme, interns will be tasked with a list of responsibilities under two major fields: Brand Management, as well as Advertising and Creative.

Brand Management
Interns will take part in executing any marketing-related projects, and be involved with trade marketing. This will involve the use of multi-disciplinary knowledge, especially within the departments of sales and marketing. Here, interns are involved in creative brainstorming sessions to come up with new business strategies that will attract the attention of their consumers. This is where interns are required to place themselves as a regular consumer and understand their current demands.

Advertising and Creative
Interns will package business strategies into a brand image that is appealing towards the masses. Still collaborating with the same marketing and sales functions, interns must now think of the creative aspects of their brand. On top of that, interns will need to work together with the suitable media agencies to deliver their brand message of world-class standards.

Red Bull Internship in South Africa Requirements
Due to the limited number of positions, the Red Bull Internship in South Africa is only available for a number of participants. Candidates must be able to fulfill an eligibility criteria that comes along with the programme. These pre-requisite items will be used by the committee to assess the qualities of their incoming candidates. To better your chances of acceptance into the internship, be sure to meet all of the requirements.

The Red Bull Internship in South Africa Requirements are:

  • Displays extensive knowledge and capabilities in Brand Marketing
  • Understands the great importance of Digital Media
  • Has a solid foundation of the FMCG industry
  • Knows a lot about the demands of consumers and come up with insights to further promote the brand
  • Able to comprehend competitor activities
  • Develop new business strategies and executing them in a timely manner
  • Negotiates in a proper manner
  • Showcases impressive interpersonal abilities
  • Passionate about Red Bull and relate to their mission and visions
  • Enthusiastic in taking upon new challenges and learning from them at the same time
  • Knows how to prioritize workload and deliver excellent results
  • Has a high level of focus, even under pressure
  • Able to apply their practical working skills in appropriate settings.

How to Apply Red Bull Internship in South Africa 2021-2022
If you have met all of the requirements above, it’s time for you to being your registration. To sign up for the Red Bull Internship in South Africa, click on the Official Redbull Jobs Portal. After you have accessed the page, candidates will need to choose “South Africa” on the location bar to attain relevant programmes around the area. Once you have found the internship of your choice, simply click on “Apply Now”.

You will be redirected to a different page on the jobs portal. Here, candidates must login to their Redbull Careers Account to begin your applications. If you do not have an account yet, please create one by clicking on “New User”. This account will be essential towards your overall application procedure. This will store all of your registration data and the necessary documents onto the portal’s online platform.

Red Bull Contact Details
Street Address:
Beach Rd, Mouille Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

Mail Address:

Phone: +27 21 431 2100

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