IEC (Electoral Commission of South Africa) Internship Programmes 2021-2022

IEC (Electoral Commission of South Africa) Profile
The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) is an establishment that is responsible the the fair management of all elections in the nation. Formed under the Constitution, the IEC is an independent organization that tends to all levels of governmental elections. As one of the most crucial establishments in South Africa, IEC commits themselves to ensuring that election season goes smoothly at all times. Whether it’s for a national or municipal body, IEC makes sure that the entire voting process goes smoothly.

The IEC is assigned with several tasks and duties, which includes but are not limited to:

  • Assessing both existing and proposed electoral laws
  • Announcing the election results within seven days
  • Conducting the necessary research for electoral purposes
  • Compiling the data of all parties planning to register
  • Encouraging the South African public to use their voting rights
  • Facilitating a calm and smooth voting process.

About IEC (Electoral Commission of South Africa) Internships 2021-2022
The IEC is welcoming South African individuals to join their internship programmes to receive proper working exposure under a legislative-based establishment. The IEC Internships, which will be conducted for twenty-four (24) months (with a 12-month probation period), is an opportunity that will strengthen your knowledge in the world of elections. Throughout the internship duration, participants will work and learn together with the assistance of professionals by their side. In return, interns will be entitled to a monthly remuneration of R8 376.84.

The IEC is offering two kinds of eye-opening internships: Finance Internship and Electoral Operations Internship.

1. Finance Internship
Finance interns will be assigned to several duties that are in line with the IEC’s finance projects. During the course of the programme, interns are required to report to their respective Assistant Manager: Finance.

Tasks and Duties

  • Financial Administration
    • Reviewing all incoming documents
    • Sending in reports
    • Processing all payments to other establishments
    • Tending to telephone calls
  • Supply Chain
    • Coordinating stakeholders (internal and external)
    • Getting quotations to complete invoices
    • Filling in forms to obtain office supplies
    • Checking stock control
    • Providing assistance of asset submissions
  • General Administrative Support Services
    • Compiling and organizing relevant data
    • Tending to asset registers
    • Answering daily enquiries
    • Sending documents to stakeholders
    • Managing office filing system
    • Managing correspondence and meetings.

2. Electoral Operations Internships
Electoral Operations interns will be assigned to several duties that are in line with the IEC’s electoral projects. During the course of the programme, interns are required to report to their respective Assistant Manager: Electoral Matters.

Tasks and Duties

  • Main Responsibilities
    • Learning about the department’s overall basics
    • Managing warehouse inventory
    • Tending to administration duties
    • Providing assistance with logistics pertaining to elections
    • Coordinating electoral activities from various establishments
  • General Administrative support services
    • Reviewing all addresses
    • Answering daily enquiries
    • Typing and sending facsimiles to partners
    • Distributing stakeholder packages.

IEC (Electoral Commission of South Africa) Internship Requirements
Candidates of the IEC Internship must fulfill a list of requirements attached to this programmed. All of these items are used by the selection committee to fairly assess all incoming candidates. Considering the seriousness of this internship, candidates are expected to meet all of the eligibility criteria. Failure to do so may get you disqualified from the registration procedure.

The IEC Internships Requirements are:

1. Basic Requirements

  • Currently 35 years old or below at the time of application
  • Has not participated in an internship prior to this one
  • Does not have any prior working experience
  • Must not be associated or have a reputation within the political department
  • Displays effective communication abilities (both verbal and written)
  • Owns impressive interpersonal capabilities
  • Basic understanding of computer literacy
  • Can operate Microsoft Word software (e.g. MS Word and MS Excel)
  • Works under pressure well
  • Willing to work overtime
  • Likes taking initiative
  • Assertive when making own decisions
  • The opportunity welcomes Persons with Disabilities to register for the internship.

2. Finance Internship Requirements

  • Finished their Matric or N3 qualification
  • Attained a Degree or Diploma in Finance/Financial Management, Economics, or Accounting
  • Optional, but advantageous: possesses a post-graduate qualification.

3. Electoral Operations Requirements

  • Finished their Matric or N3 qualification
  • Attained an NQF 6 Degree or Diploma in Supply Chain Management/Logistics or Administration

How to Apply IEC (Electoral Commission of South Africa) Internship 2021-2022
To apply for the IEC Internship, visit the Official IEC Jobs Portal to check the availability status of the programme. Candidates must take a look if the internships is accepting application at the moment or not. If it’s open for applications at the time of search, you can directly apply for the programme on the website.

Applications should contain these following documents:

  • A brief Cover Letter with the Reference Number of your interested internship, and employee number as stated on your salary advice (applicable for permanent employees)
  • Your most updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Valid copies of your previous qualifications
  • Valid copies of your Identity Documents.

Candidates providing foreign qualifications should have that evaluated beforehand by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). Make sure that all documents are included, especially with the appropriate Reference Number on it. Failure to send in all necessary documents will get you disqualified from registrations.

Announcements will only be made to shortlisted candidates. Should you not hear back from the Electoral Commission within 30 days past the application deadline, we regret to inform you that you have not been successful with the applications. Shortlisted candidates must prepare themselves for a panel interview, in which the date and time will be announced by the panel themselves.

Important Notes

  • Applications must be sent before the application closing date. Late applications will not be considered by the selection committee
  • Shortlisted candidates must participated in numerous assessments and verifications
  • Selected interns are subjected to performance contracts
  • The Electoral Commission holds all rights to not appoint any candidate to fill in their advertised positions.

Fraud Alert
Due to the massive attention that has been garnered by the IEC Internships, there has been a series of false advertisements circulating around social media. These scams misuse the good name of the Electoral Commission to ask for sensitive, personal information from registrants

These scams, which are apparent of messaging platforms, claim to open up 50 000 available vacancies. In order to register for these “vacancies”, you will need to provide your personal information. Please be kindly informed that the Electoral Commission of South Africa does not endorse this advert, and is entirely false.

Should you encounter any one of these adverts, make sure that you have them reported to the local authorities. Most importantly, do not share your personal information with strangers on messaging apps or social media.

IEC (Electoral Commission of South Africa) Contact Details
Street Address:
Election House
Riverside Office Park
1303 Heuwel Avenue

Mail Address:
Private Bag X112

Phone: +27 12 622 5700
E-mail: [email protected]

Reference: IEC (Electoral Commission of South Africa); Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image:

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