Fraser Alexander Graduate Programmes 2021-2022

Fraser Alexander Profile
Fraser Alexander is a company that puts their focus into the world of construction. Since its establishment in 1912, Fraser Alexander has expanded their abilities and branched out into other specializations. This includes Materials Handling, Mining and Remining, Rehabilitation, Deposition, Tailings and Water Treatment. One of the things that makes Fraser Alexander a unique company is their history with tailings. Frasers was the first every company to make use of cocopans to remove tailings, which oftentimes can be an issue with processing plants. After a while, Fraser Alexander has been responsible for approximately 70% of the dumps that were collecting in the region.

More than a century after, Fraser Alexander relies on the advancement of technology to come up with tailor-made services within the Mining Industry. Whether it’s better management of tailings storage facilities, to infrastructure development, the company makes sure that their services are of the best quality. These solutions are then delivered to a number of clients within the continent, and outside of Africa as well, including Asia, Europe, and Australia. As a South African brand, and one that is owned by black demographic, leaving a global presence has greatly promoted the company’s overall influence in the world.

About Fraser Alexander Graduate Programmes 2021-2022
Fraser Alexander is providing graduate programmes for previous South African students who already have an existing degree within the Engineering department. The Fraser Alexander Graduate Programmes, conducted in Edenvale, Gauteng, is an exciting learning journey that’s designed to equip recent graduates with proper working experience. Over the course of 24 months, selected graduates will receive practical insight on how a real-time work environment is conducted on a day-to-day basis. The knowledge you will receive in this programme is an extension of what you have learnt during your past academic journey in university. Therefore, only certain candidates originating from certain disciplines will be accepted into the graduate programmes.

The Fraser Alexander Graduate Programmes are only available for these following fields and qualifications:

1. PR
Possess a BTech/Degree in Public Relations, Marketing or Journalism

2. Safety Management
Possess a BTech/Degree in Safety Management

3. Supply Chain Management
Possess a BTech/Degree in Supply Chain Management

4. HR
Possess a BTech/Degree in Human Resources Management

5. Industrial Engineering
Possess a BTech/Degree in Industrial Engineering

6. Chemical Engineering
Possess a BTech/Degree in Chemical Engineering

7. Civil Engineering
Possess a BTech/Degree in Civil Engineering

8. Metallurgy
Possess a Grade 12 qualification, and a BTech/Degree in Metallurgy.

Fraser Alexander Graduate Programme Requirements
Applicants interested in the Fraser Alexander Graduate Programme must fulfill the eligibility criteria that comes with the opportunity. Each of these items below will be used by the selection committee to evaluate all incoming applicants on a fair basis. If you would like to guarantee a level of success with your applications, make sure that you jot down all of the requirements below. Failure to fulfill everything will put you in a risky position during the registration procedure.

The Fraser Alexander Graduate Programme Requirements are as listed below:

  • Proven to be physically and medically healthy for the working conditions
  • Got through the screening assessments (e.g. criminal record screening)
  • Successfully passed the client induction
  • Unemployed at the time of application and throughout the entire programme
  • Can endure the psychometric assessments
  • Prepared to undergo through background verifications held by Fraser Alexander.

How to Apply Fraser Alexander Graduate Programme 2021-2022
Applications for the Fraser Alexander Graduate Programme are conducted online. Candidates must access the Official Fraser Alexander Jobs Portal. Once you have accessed the portal, there will be a list of opportunities sorted out on the website. Scroll through the opportunities to find the graduate programme of your choice.

Please be kindly advised that the availability status of each opportunity differs from one time period to another. If the Fraser Alexander Graduate Programme is accepting applications at the moment, you can directly register for the opportunity on the Jobs Portal. However, if it’s closer right now, no need to get discouraged. Come back to the website any time in the future to check for new updated openings.

Note: to register for the Fraser Alexander Graduate Programme, candidates must create an account beforehand. This account is necessary to compile all of your personal information and supporting documents for your registration. If you do not have an account yet, kindly create one first.

Job Notifications
If you are interested in some of the other opportunities offered by Fraser Alexander, we’ve got you covered. You can register for the website’s Job Notifications feature. This will let you automatically receive updates of available positions that match your current qualifications. Just don’t forget to check your e-mail inbox regularly.

Fraser Alexander Contact Details
Street Address:
Greenstone Hill Office Park
24 Emerald Boulevard
Building 10
Greenstone Hill

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 14700

Phone: +27 11 929 3600

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