Rio Tinto Graduate Programmes in South Africa 2021-2022

Rio Tinto Profile
Rio Tinto is a global company that has made a remarkable presence within the Mining and Metals Industry. The group specializes in the exploration, mining, and manufacturing of several kinds of metals and minerals. These could range from iron ore, to copper, and even precious diamonds. All these acquired metals will then be further utilized for an array of purposes. For example, clients use aluminium to develop their vehicles. Meanwhile, borates are heavily requested for agriculture. By tending to the different demands of their loyal customers, Rio Tinto is able to serve them with care and upmost attention. With their operations all over 36 nations, Rio Tinto is holding up on their strong international influence.

About Rio Tinto Graduate Programmes in South Africa 2021-2022
Rio Tinto is offering graduate programmes for South African individuals who would like to have an outstanding, long-term career in a local Mining and Metals Industry. The Rio Tinto Graduate Programmes, which will be conducted for a total period of two years, is designed to provide participants with the necessary exposure into the company before embarking on a real-time career path. Here, graduates will learn under the guidance of professional experts that will foster your potential in an engaging, diverse team.

Based in Richards Bay, the Rio Tinto Graduate Programmes will upskill your talents and technical abilities. Participants will not be treated as mere learners, but as proper members of a professional working culture. Graduates will be assigned with real-time responsibilities, in which you must conduct with absolute determination and hard work. In return, graduates will gain better exposure into the company, support from their mentors, and recognition for your efforts.

Below are some of the duties the participants are expected to perform during the Rio Tinto Graduate Programmes:

  • Following expert coaching sessions under leading experts
  • Learning sessions with fellow team members through online platforms
  • Networking with senior colleagues and other experts in the technical departments
  • Reading up on their online materials and resources
  • Taking part in the technical training programmes
  • Interacting with other team members and come up with innovative collaborations
  • Fast tracking your built-up career path in the industry.

If you have a thrill for new challenges, and has a knack for questioning conventional methods, the Rio Tinto Graduate Programmes is your go-to opportunity.

Graduate Programme Benefits

  • Extensive support provided by knowledgeable trainers and development coaches
  • Being a part of a diverse working environment with members of different cultures
  • Exclusive insight onto practical working skills
  • Unique mining-related constructive challenges
  • New resources and tools only available in Rio Tinto.

Targeted Fields

  • Computer Engineering
  • Environmental & Safety
  • Mining Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Financial Accounting
  • Instrumentation
  • Geology (Geo Physics)
  • Metallurgy/Process/Chemical Engineering
  • Management Accounting
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Mine surveyor
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Ecology
  • Chemistry

Rio Tinto Employment
Should you receive permanent employment in Rio Tinto, you will be entitled to many benefits. For starters, employees receive a salary (along with an annual review), bonuses based on their overall work performance, and a long-term share plan. On top of that, employees are eligible for healthcare, pension schemes, and development assistance. All these are provided for employees to better push themselves on their own accord.

Rio Tinto Graduate Programme in South Africa Requirements
The Rio Tinto Graduate Programme is only available for a hand select number of individuals who meet the company’s vision and missions. Due to the overwhelming attention garnered by the programme, the committee will only be selecting candidates who are able to fulfill their eligibility criteria. Each of these items will determine your success rate with the applications. Failure to do so may risk your chances of getting accepted.

The Rio Tinto Graduate Programme Requirements are as listed below:

  • Has a high sense of innovation and willing to bring forth new ideas
  • Adheres to the rules and regulations of the company
  • Holds pride in the values of respect, excellence, and accountability
  • Feeds on new knowledge and questions conventional methods
  • Does not have more than two years of working experience prior to this programme
  • Interested in acquiring new languages (e.g. French).

Please be kindly informed that Rio Tinto is offering equal opportunities to people of various demographics. This is done to promote the level of diversity and inclusivity in the work force. Female candidates are more than welcome to give this programme a shot.

How to Apply Rio Tinto Graduate Programme in South Africa 2021-2022
Applications for the Rio Tinto Graduate Programme are conducted online. To get started, all candidates must access the Official Rio Tinto Graduate Portal. Don’t forget to choose “ZA” in the country bar so that you can obtain the most relevant programmes around your area.

If the graduate programme is accepting applications right now, please prepare these following supporting documents:

  • A concise letter of motivation explaining why this field interests you
  • Most updated Curriculum Vitae highlighting your strengths and past experiences
  • A valid copy of your Identity Document
  • A valid copy of your Matric Certificate
  • Valid copies of your educational qualifications/statement of results from your previous degree.

Once you have compiled everything under one dossier, you can immediately apply for the programme on the same online portal. Please make sure that all documents provided are accurate as per the candidate’s personal details. Additionally, there should not be any missing or incomplete documents in your dossier. Any disruption with your applications may cause your registration to be immediately disqualified from the procedure. Similarly, candidates discovered to be falsifying any parts of their applications will automatically be kicked off from the procedure as well.

Since availability differs from time to time, the opportunity may sometimes not be open at the time of search. Do not get discouraged. All you have to do is come back to the same website in the future to check for new openings.

Rio Tinto Contact Details
Street Address:
Rio Tinto – Johannesburg
1 Harries Rd, Illovo, Gauteng, 2196, South Africa

Mail Address:
P.O. Box 787550, Sandton, 2146

Phone: +27 11 459 1260

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