Aurecon Internships in South Africa 2020-2021

Aurecon Profile
Being a multinational company that works in delivering engineering, management, design, planning, project management, and consulting products and services, Aurecon’s whole business operations are driven by its aims to bring ideas, imagination, and possibilities to real-world solutions that will help in designing better future all over the world.

Its advisory, design, delivery, and asset management services in various market ranges, from the Digital and Infrastructure Advisory to the Asset Management and Geospatial Systems, help to accentuate its expertise. To further push its expertise, Aurecon recruits and works with young talents, such as interns, to solve Aurecon’s critical and complex business problems and to invent new positive ways of doing things that add to Aurecon’s business values.

About Aurecon Internships 2020-2021
Overall, there are two different internship programme schemes in Aurecon, which are named the Graduate Programme and the Vacation Programme separately. The Graduate internship stream aims at graduates who are keen to become emerging professionals in Aurecon, while the Vacation programme aims at penultimate-year Undergraduate students who want to discover their career paths through working in their chosen technical fields.

In Aurecon’s Graduate scheme, graduates will have opportunities to pursue their career and skill interests with other industry leaders, mentors, and peers in non-traditional ways. That way, graduate interns in Aurecon’s Graduate scheme will be able to develop their own creative ideas as they work in Aurecon’s various departments according to their own timeframe.

As a result, Aurecon’s graduates will grab new personal and professional development opportunities as well as fast-track their work experiences from their first internship days as Aurecon’s emerging professional groups.

On the other hand, Aurecon’s 3-month Vacation programme stream for Undergraduate students who are about to enter their final years that is available during University’s summer breaks will permit student interns to get a glimpse of Aurecon’s working environment, as they work in real-world projects in a supportive working environment that consists of other students, fresh graduates, experienced professionals, and Aurecon’s partners.

That way, Aurecon’s Vacation interns will be able to network with many professionals and get a feel whether Aurecon’s Graduate scheme will be right from them as well as getting some pocket money during their holidays. Performance feedbacks to assist interns’ professional developments will be available after those Vacation interns graduate from this Aurecon’s Vacation Programme scheme.

Aurecon Internship Requirements

How to Apply Aurecon Internship 2020-2021
Applicants should have a valid e-mail address in order to be able to register for Aurecon’s internship programmes. This is because the registration steps are done online by visiting its official website.

Depending on the applicants’ internship semesters and desired schemes, Aurecon’s internship programme’s opening and closing dates may vary each year. Applicants should visit Aurecon’s job portal to find out more about its internship programme’s opening and closing deadlines.

Aurecon Contact Details
Street Address:
Aurecon Centre, Lynnwood Bridge Office Park, 4 Daventry Street, Lynnwood Manor 0081

Mail Address:
​Aurecon Centre – Lynnwood Bridge Office Park, 4 Daventry Street, Lynnwood Manor Tshwane/Pretoria 0081

Phone: +27 12 427 2000
Facsimile: +27 86 556 0521
E-mail: [email protected]

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