Bizcommunity Internship Programmes 2020

Since its inception in August 2001 by two people named Andre Rademan and Ken van Ginkel, Bizcommunity has grown into one of South African’s most sought-after online-based B2B companies. Not only that it deals with media and advertising that becomes two of its primary products, Bizcommunity also deals with the television, research, radio, recruitment, retail, sales, sponsorship, and many other business sectors in doing its businesses.

Its diverse sets of engaged business sectors are further proven by its more than 3,353,000 website feeds, in which these entire web pages have loyal monthly readers. As a result, Bizcommunity rapidly expands in terms of its scope, offerings, the range of products, portals, size, and marketplaces’ acceptances around the African continent, including the South Africa city.

Bizcommunity’s Internship Programme’s Schemes
Bizcommunity’s internship programme’s scheme is basically an unconventional scheme that challenges interns to generate creative business ideas and bring them to fruition as they work as Bizcommunity’s interns in many of Bizcommunity’s departments. As a result, there will be plenty of options and opportunities instead of rigid rotation schedules to ensure interns’ flexibility in pursuing the career paths that are suitable for them.

Bizcommunity’s interns don’t work alone in pursuing their career through Bizcommunity’s internship programme. In fact, there are several industry leaders, professionals, mentors, and peers who are available to facilitate the interns’ needs in focusing at essential technical work skills as well as fast-tracking their career development and work experiences.

Furthermore, Bizcommunity’s interns themselves are regarded as emerging professionals from the first days of their internship period, which makes the internship experience in Bizcommunity different from other similar companies. Those emerging professionals will work alongside other professionals in Bizcommunity, making even newly-appointed interns comfortable in finding their business niches in earlier career stages.

There are several different internship schemes that potential interns can take in Bizcommunity’s internship programme, such as internships for Civil or Structural Engineering graduates, Journalism graduates, or Marketing graduates. Visit Bizcommunity’s main portal for more information regarding on Bizcommunity’s different internship schemes.

How to Apply for Bizcommunity’s Internship Programme
Applicants who want to apply for Bizcommunity’s internship programme can visit Bizcommunity’s official website and create their CV using Bizcommunity’s default template from there on. At the same time, applicants should ensure that they have a valid e-mail address since their e-mail address will be used to complete and upload the entire job-related data and documents. Applicants are also welcome to apply using their Facebook or Google accounts should they have any of them.

Opening and Closing Dates for Bizcommunity’s Internship Programmes In 2020
Bizcommunity’s internship programme opens year-round, including in 2020. Visit its main search portal for more information about the 2020’s internship programme’s opening and closing deadlines.

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