We Think Code Internship Programmes 2020

We Think Code’s Paid and Tuition-Free Internship Programmes In 2020 For Young People who Aspire To Be World-Class Software Engineers
We Think Code’s peer-to-peer learning environment doesn’t only discuss code writing. Rather, We Think Code provides a completely free programme where students don’t have to pay for tuition or class-based fees to solve problems, ask questions, and renew perspectives through the eyes of coding programmes.

We Think Code’s students will also have accesses to cutting-edge technologies 7 days a week that will permit them to access, filter, compare, and use relevant data to solve digital-based problems. There will be leaders in technology industries as students’ mentors and other world-class students as both peers and evaluators that students can find when they immerse themselves in We Think Code’s programmes, including its internship programme.

We Think Code’s Internship Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
We Think Code’s internship programme is a suitable internship programme to be world-class software engineers without prior working experiences or educational qualifications in coding-related subjects. In this 2-year paid internship programme, interns who have undergone scrutinised screening processes will learn to solve digital-based problems using computer programme’s codes as well as gain valuable knowledge in various types of languages.

After graduating from this internship programme, We Think Code’s interns will gain more exposures to real-world work experiences. In addition, there will be We Think Code’s Corporate Sponsors who are ready to hire We Think Code’s internship programme’s best and brightest interns.

To be eligible to register for We Think Code’s internship programme, applicants should satisfy these below-mentioned criteria:

  • Be people who belong to the 17- until 35-years old age groups.
  • Obtain Matric certifications (optional).
  • Ready to learn all about coding subjects in peer-to-peer environment settings.

We Think Code’s Internship Programme’s Application Process
Applicants who want to be We Think Code’s interns can click on the “Apply Now” button located on its official internship portal. It is essential for new applicants to view on We Think Code’s internship registration guidelines in a video format after being redirected and before they click on the registration button on the page’s top-right side.

After watching the registration tutorial’s video, applicants can click on the registration button and input their data to start their application process. After they complete their internship registration processes, applicants can wait for the next outcome’s correspondences.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to join We Think Code’s 4-week Bootcamp selection phase where they will be assessed based on their attitude, resilience, and problem-solving abilities. Top Bootcamp candidates will have opportunities to join as We Think Code’s interns.

Opening and Closing Dates for We Think Code’s Internship Programme In 2020
We Think Code’s internship programme is open year-round, including in 2020. Visit We Think Code’s official internship portal for more information on its opening and closing internship programme’s deadlines in 2017.

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