Standard Bank Internship Programmes 2020

Information About Standard Bank Internship Programme Opportunities on 2020 for Internship Seekers who are Interested in Minimising Cyber Financial Crime Impacts
Even though it was officially released in South Africa at 1962, Standard Bank’s histories can be traced since 1862, a time where South African right-wing politician John Paterson teamed with a group of businessmen to build a bank in London named Standard Bank of British South Africa, until then the “British” word was removed on 1883.

Until now, this bank known as The Standard Bank of South Africa is the subsidiary of British’s Standard Bank with more than 80% shareholding percentages from the year of 1967. At the same time, it becomes South Africa’s largest financial service groups with 20 African country branches and many other branches all over the world.

Its time-tested history along with its strong presence in South Africa makes it one of the most conducive places to learn. Additionally, Standard Bank itself provides plenty opportunities for university students to learn and join Standard Bank’s forces. One of those opportunities is the internship programme.

Standard Bank’s Internship Programme Schemes
Standard Bank is giving out various internship schemes for internship seekers who are keen to minimise cybercrime effects in the financial world, namely, white-collar crimes and banking sectors’ process failures. These five internship schemes are up to be chosen from by prospective interns depending on their most proper qualifications:

  • Integrated Operational Risk 2020: Final-year Bachelor or Honours students on either 3- or 4-year degrees in LLB, BCom, BSc and Forensics and Quantitative Statistics major can take this scheme to understand deeper about banking environment’s Operational Risks, Financial Crimes, and Information Risks.
  • CA(SA) Internship 2020: Final-year SAICA-accredited university students who study towards their CA degree can apply for this scheme that will enable them to understand more about how Chartered Accountant works in bank settings.
  • Group IT (GIT) Internship 2020: South African people who study in any technological or mathematical-related degree in at least diploma level are eligible for this scheme that will enhance their teamwork capabilities in terms of delivering financial and IT banking product combinations to answer clients’ different needs.
  • CIB – Credit Risk Internship: Final-year Honours or 4-year Bachelor degree students of Business Science, Economics, Financial Maths, Risk Management, Financial Management, or Investment Management majors can learn all about reducing banking risk to help bank sectors make the best decisions in this Standard Bank’s internship programme’s scheme.
  • Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) Front Office Internship: Final-year students of the same degree and majors as the Credit Risk Internship stream can also apply for this internship scheme by Standard Bank that will teach them technical and soft skill aspects of being bank’s Front Office staff and deal with various financial transactions and investment decisions.

Each of the aforementioned internship programme schemes has their own criteria that must be satisfied by interested interns. Visit Standard Bank’s official internship page for more information on each scheme’s requirement and further internship’s description.

Standard Bank’s Internship Programme’s Application Process
Standard Bank’s internship programme’s application phase begins when applicants click on the “Login” button located on its official website and the “Create a New Account” button after being redirected. From there on, applicants can complete and update their CV along with their personal data, application forms, and documents as needed according to their applied internship stream as noted on its official internship website.

After those applicants have submitted their complete application packages, Standard Bank will contact the shortlisted ones to attend interviews that are either held on-site at campuses or their offices or off-site by phone. Depending on their performances, qualities, and the job they applied, those applicants might require additional interviews or psychometric tests before they can undergo interviews, presentations, networking, and team exercises, at Standard Bank’s Global Leadership Centre as newly-elected interns.

Opening and Closing Dates of Standard Bank’s Internship Programme on 2020
Standard Bank’s internship programmes are open all-year round. Visit Standard Bank’s official portal of internship programme for the most updated information about its opening and closing deadlines on 2020.

Standard Bank’s Internship Programme’s Contact Details
Drop an email to Nadia DeLaRey at [email protected] if there are more questions about Standard Bank’s internship programme.

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