Sanlam Internship Programmes 2020

INSETA and Graduate Leadership Internship Programmes by Sanlam on 2020 for Those who are Already Graduated
Sanlam has proven its capabilities as South African’s wealth and investment management service-based company since its inception on 1918. Sanlam’s successes in its constantly growing shareholder values lie in its integrity-based business actions and efforts to always sustain its business practices in social, economic, political, and environmental aspects.

Sanlam’s futuristic thinking in its niche-based wealth and investment’s South African consumers’ market doesn’t only act as long-term vision’s dream. Rather, it works with several promising candidates to realise its vision in strengthening its presence in India, Southeast Asia, and South Africa and developing client-focused financial products for South African people. To this, Sanlam provides several programmes to recruit potential people, including the internship programme.

Sanlam’s Internship Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
Sanlam has various internship programme schemes that are generally aimed at unemployed graduates in commerce-based degrees. The INSETA-sponsored Internship Programme and the Graduate Leadership Programme are two of Sanlam’s internship programme’s schemes, in which the explanations are outlined at below’s paragraph.

Sanlam’s Internship Programme
This internship programme’s scheme’s duration lasts for a maximum period of 1 year and is sponsored and endorsed by the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA). In the end, interns who have already graduated from this Internship Programme scheme will be able to fast-track their real-world careers according to their degree Diploma in at least one of these following disciplines:

  • Financial Management
  • Legal or Compliance
  • Customer Relations
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Information Technology
  • General Management
  • Business Administration

There are many opportunities for open intern positions every year in this Internship Programme scheme to choose from. Visit Sanlam’s main opportunities’ page for more details on its available internship positions in this scheme.

Graduate Leadership Programme
Sanlam’s Graduate Leadership Programme’s duration might be slightly longer than its INSETA-supported Internship Programme, which is 18 months. However, it provides more comprehensive programmes with its structured self-development curriculum programmes that are focused on interns’ leadership competencies while giving them opportunities to enhance technical skills in as many different areas as possible.

To participate in this Graduate Leadership Programme scheme, applicants should meet these following requirements:

  • Graduate from an Undergraduate or Honours programme in commerce-based fields (for example, finance, actuarial studies, accounting, and so on) at the end of each year’s internship programme, with an at least 65% average on the academic performance.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership characteristics in the community, university, or sports-related activities.
  • Have no previous work experiences as full-time workers.
  • Be South African people (preferred).

How to Apply for Sanlam’s Internship Programme
Click on the “Apply Now” button located on Sanlam’s internship programme’s official website and click on the desired internship position after being redirected to begin the application process.

Sanlam’s Internship Programme’s Opening and Closing Dates on 2020
Sanlam has their internship programme open every year. Visit Sanlam’s main internship page for more information about its internship programme’s opening and closing dates per 2020.

Sanlam’s Internship Programme’s Contact Details
Applicants can contact these following numbers or write an email to the following email address if they have any questions regarding on Sanlam’s internship programme:

  • Local Phone Number: 0860 726 526
  • International Phone Number: +27 21 916-5000
  • Email Address: [email protected]

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