Protea Chemicals Internship Programmes 2020-2021

Protea Chemicals Profile
Protea Chemicals is a division that acts as a reliable chemicals supplier for both domestic and international markets. Formed under the major company Omnia Chemical, this particular division fulfills other businesses’s needs for chemicals, which are typically utilized for a range of products. The chemicals produced and manufactured by Protea Chemicals are oftentimes used for heavy purposes (e.g. engineering, petroleum, water treatment), industrial usage (e.g. plastics, paints, packaging), and even day-to-day items that you usually see in supermarket aisles (e.g. food and beverages, personal care items.) With this kind of range under the company’s belt, it’s no surprise to see Protea Chemicals involved in any department that heavily requires the usage of important chemicals.

Based in the region of Southern Africa, Protea Chemicals has expanded their operations all across 21 different locations. From the hustling city of Cape Town, to the industrial areas of Nairobi. Despite their massive range and the wide scale of their businesses, Protea Chemicals never sacrifices the quality and value that is put into all of their products. The company boasts a work staff of 5 000 employees that have the professional expertise and a strive for excellence. With a strong vision and hardworking team members to back the company up. Protea Chemicals is gaining the attention of multiple markets as a reputable chemicals supplier within sub-Saharan Africa.

About Protea Chemicals Internships 2020-2021
Protea Chemicals is offering internship programmes for interested South African local youths who are keen on pursuing a career in the Chemicals Industry. The Protea Chemicals Internships, which will be conducted in Durban, is a 6-month programme that allows South African individuals to attain the necessary working exposure that is relevant with their respective educational qualification. As the internship does not require you to have any working experience beforehand, this is the perfect opportunity for both graduates and postgraduates who already have any one of these qualifications under their belt: Diploma, Private College qualifications, FET certifications, Degree.

The Protea Chemicals Internships offer two types of programmes: the Chemical Engineering Internships, and Electrical Engineering Internships. Therefore, please be kindly advised that this internship is mainly catered towards those who have specialized in the Engineering Field. Despite their slightly different fields, both internships require all participants to carry out the same kind of operational tasks and responsibilities. Here is an inside scoop on what to expect during the course of the internship period:

  • Follow the Standard Operating Procedure and make sure it is conducted properly
  • Gain better knowledge in the overall company layout and the working flow
  • Know how to make decisions in an effective and knowledgeable manner
  • Create a more efficient way to respond to any possible failures or downtime
  • Participate in all of the required activities within the company’s line of work
  • Be a team player and treat each other with great respect
  • Follow all of the instructions that have placed by the executives
  • Partake in all of the training sessions that are relevant to the job.

Upon acceptance into the Protea Chemicals Internship, interns will be granted a total amount of ZAR 3 000 each month as part of their remuneration.

Protea Chemicals Internship Requirements
Before you can consider registering for the Protea Chemicals Internship, there is an eligibility criteria that must be met by all potential candidates. These requirements will be used by the selection committee to assess candidates on a proper, fair basis. Failure to meet all of these items may risk your chances of acceptance into the internship. With that in mind, make sure you jot down everything listed below:

The Protea Chemicals Internship Requirements are:

  • Owns a valid Matric certificate
  • Already has an educational qualification or is working towards a qualification in the field of Electrical Engineering/Chemical Engineering
  • Has not been employed by any other programme or company before registering for this internship
  • Knows how to identity potential problems
  • Displays impressive interpersonal capabilities
  • Can work under immense pressure
  • Able to work independently without supervision
  • Has the drive to seek new knowledge
  • Displays good spirits and positive energy
  • Can become a team player
  • Shows understanding in basic computer literacy skills
  • Has proven fluency in spoken and written English
  • Able to follow all safety precautions
  • Physically healthy for the work load
  • Knows how to listen and comprehend other peoples ideas
  • Can communicate their ideas in an effective manner.

How to Apply Protea Chemicals Internship 2020-2021
If you’ve ticked off all of the aforementioned requirements, it’s time to begin your applications for the Protea Chemicals Internship. To get started, all applicants must visit the Official Omnia E-Recruitment Portal. Once there, candidates are required to check the availability status of their desired programme. If it’s open for registration at the time of search, you can directly apply for the internship on the same portal. However, if it’s closed, don’t fret. Come back any time in the future to check for opening updates.

Applications are expected to be sent way before the deadline to prevent any last-minute web traffic problems. That way, you will have a more efficient time registering for the internship. Should you have any further enquiries or concerns about the Protea Chemicals Internship, do not hesitate to reach out to the committee through the provided contact information below.

Protea Chemicals Contact Details
Street Address:
54 Killarney Ave
Killarney Gardens
Cape Town

Mail Address:

Phone: +27 21 550 8100
E-mail: [email protected]

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