Truworths Internship Programmes 2021-2022

Truworths Profile
Truworths is a massive South African management establishment that has played a leading role in the General Retailers field. Having started out in the city of Cape Town, Truworths typically details with retail fashion, footwear items, and other relevant products. Since its formation in 1935, the company has always had their eyes set on fashion. Operating on a concrete vision and strong principles, it took Truworths only 15 years to open up 80 stores. And by the 1970s, they have increased to up to 280 stores. Today, the company has opened up 728 stores in South Africa alone, with 49 stores scattered across other African companies.

Truworths makes sure that their customers demands are constantly met, especially within the dynamic fashion realm. The company accommodate a variety of brands that follows the current trends and seasons. Their stores are built in huge formats to make sure that customers are treated to a wide variety of brands, lifestyle choices, and concepts – all under one roof. With workers that will assist you with whatever fashion emergency you have, customers are truly taken care of in Truworths.

About Truworths Internships 2021-2022
Truworths is offering internships for South African individuals who are passionate about starting a career in the thriving fashion and retail industry. Based in Cape Town, the programme is designed to offer a much-needed look into the behind-the-scenes world of fashion retailers. For local fashionistas with a solid work ethic and massive enthusiasm, this opportunity is definitely the one for you.

Below are some of the available Truworths Internships with its respective requirements:

Trainee Sourcing Co-ordinator

  • Owns an educational qualification in the field of Clothing Technology
  • Organizes the workload in a tidy manner
  • Understands the world of manufacturing and product supply
  • Communicates their thoughts and ideas in an effective manner
  • Able to be assertive with their own ideas
  • Has a high level of energy.

Trainee Fashion Designer or Fashion Graphic Designer

  • Owns an educational qualification in the field of fashion design (or anything relevant)
  • Displays a strong computer literacy
  • Understands the world of fabrics and garment construction
  • Has knowledge in graphic design (optional, but highly advantageous for product development)
  • Knows the latest trends
  • Passionate about fashion.

Trainee Fashion Buyer

  • Owns an educational qualification in the Creative department
  • Holds an accredited Degree or Diploma
  • Displays a huge passion for fashion
  • Showcases powerful negotiation capabilities.

Trainee Planner

  • Owns an education qualification in Numeracy (preferably B.Com or B.Sc)
  • Has a strong knowledge in numbers, analysis, and organization
  • Typically deals with the world of systems and technology.

Trainee Risk Analyst

  • Displays strong capabilities in analytics
  • Understands commercial trends
  • Can communicate information in a presentable manner
  • Able to process acquired data using SAS, SQL, or any relevant tools
  • Familiar with decision tress, scoreboard building, linear regression, and clustering
  • Can learn how to use new kinds of technologies within a short period.

Trainee Garment Technologist

  • Owns an educational qualification in the field of Clothing Technology
  • Preferably has experience being a supplier (optional, but advantageous)
  • Displays effective communication capabilities
  • Has a keen eye on small details
  • Know how to solve any complex problems
  • Stands their ground with a sense of assertiveness
  • Has knowledge in computer literacy (e.g. Microsoft Office software.)

Trainee Fashion Designer or Fashion Graphic Designer

  • Takes note of the current product trends on both a local and and international scale
  • Interprets the research for the domestic, South African market
  • Helping out clients with multiple fashion choices that reflects the latest lifestyle trends (e.g. fabrics, colors)
  • Provides useful suggestions with styling ideas and branding
  • Able to use Photoshop, Illustrator, or Indesign to create sketches on a computer
  • Become an ad hoc member for certain design schemes
  • Be available to trips to international trade fairs.

Truworths Internship Requirements
Besides the specific requirements, Truworths Internships has a few general criteria that all participants must abide to. These are the same values that are upheld by employees of the company. To guarantee a spot in the internship, it is advisable that you meet everything in this list below. Fulfilling all these may just attract the attention of the selection committee.

The Truworths Internship Requirements are as follows:

  • Can fit in with Truworths dynamic working culture
  • Adaptive to changing situations
  • Shares the same, huge passion for fashion
  • Provides new innovative ideas on the tablet
  • Suits well with a fast-paced environment
  • Flexible with their time and work
  • Shows a huge level of creativity and energy
  • Puts on a customer-centric mindset
  • Willing to develop themselves as fellow creative.

How to Apply Truworths Internship 2021-2022
Applications for the Truworths Internship are conducted online. To get started, candidates will need to access the Official Truworths Careers Portal. This is where candidates will need to check the availability status of the programme they wish to register for.

If it’s accepting submissions at the moment, you can send in your applications to this e-mail address: [email protected] Don’t forget to put in “Graduate Programme Application” in your Subject Line. This will help the selection committee identify your applications in the inbox and prevent any other unnecessary disruptions.

However, if the Truworths Internship is not available right now, no need to worry. Come back to the website any time in the future to check for new opening updates. Be sure to visit regularly so that you won’t miss out.

Truworths Contact Details
Street Address:
1 Mostert Street, CBD, Cape Town, 8001

Mail Address:

Phone: +27 21 460 2300
E-mail: [email protected]

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