Power Group Internship Programmes 2020

Power Group’s Internship Programmes on 2020 to Enable Interns to Advance Their Future Career Prospects In Property and Construction Companies
As a Group company with several notable achievements, such as Level 2 B-BBEE contributor or ISO 9001 certified with South African’s highest grade of CIDB 9CE, GB, and SB, Power Group doesn’t only rely on its extensive project experiences. Rather, it prizes and treasures new talents who are interested in working for property and construction-based companies.

In fact, Power Group has started to recognise its people’s contributions since 1983, a time when it built many homes all around South Africa until Namibia as of today. Their “People First” attitude, along with their dedication in satisfying South African government’s needs of employment and black people empowerment, have led them to invite more prospective workers to their field through various programmes, including the internship programme, which will be discussed further in this article.

Power Group’s Internship Programme’s Schemes
Power Group’s internship programme is aimed for highly-competent students to advance their career prospects through various education and training opportunities as well as real-work projects in any of its wide range of departments and positions.

Power Group has two main internship programme schemes, namely, the Vacation Work scheme and the Experiential/In-Service Training scheme. The Vacation Work scheme that is strictly for University students will enable interns to work closely with experienced Power Group’s employees to enhance their practical knowledge and skills as well as abilities to survive in the most challenging work environments.

Alternatively, there is also the Experiential/In-Service Training scheme that enables interns to keep in touch with their local partnering education institution’s workplace. More information on this scheme along with Power Group’s other available internship programme’s schemes can be monitored on its official internship programme’s website.

How to Apply for Power Group’s Internship Programme
Vacation work intern candidates will have to click on the “Click here to apply for a vacation work” text located on below of Power Group’s internship programme’s portal. After being redirected to the new window, applicants should fill in the required data to begin the Power Group’s internship programme’s application process.

Alternatively, experiential/in-service training applicants should contact their local workplace that partnered with their educational institutions to begin their applications, since Power Group won’t be able to receive direct experiential/in-service training applications.

Power Group’s related team will contact every shortlisted applicant and instruct them to go to the next application steps within 30 days of application packages’ submissions. As a result, the rest of the applicants should consider their internship applications to be unsuccessful if they don’t receive anything back from Power Group within 30 days of their latest application packages’ submissions.

Power Group’s Internship Programme’s Opening and Closing Dates on 2020
Power Group usually accepts new applications for its internship programme from March until April or from September until October each year. Visit Power Group’s main internship web portal for more information on its internship programme’s opening and closing dates on 2020.

Power Group’s Internship Programme’s Contact Details
Power Group’s head office is receiving further questions regarding on its internship programme on the given phone number and email address below:

XXXXX Contact Details
Street Address:

Mail Address:

Phone: xxxxx
Facsimile: xxxxx
E-mail: xxxxx
Homepage: xxxxx

Reference: Power Group; Author: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Image: xxxxx.

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